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Asp.Net Programming

Adding Cash Register support in ASP.NET application

Hello there,

I am a leader of a team, developing business application based on the
ASP.NET platform. Now we need to add cash register support to the
application and it seems to be a bit of a problem. In general communication
with the cash register consists of two steps:
1 - Creation of a text file, describing the items, quantities and prices;
2 - Invoke cash register's driver (which is an exe file in most cases),
passing the text file and some additional parameters (com port, speed, etc.)
The main problem is that the cash register is managed from the client

Currently we came up to three approaches to the task:
- a link pointing to exe file - an exe file is downloaded and it operates
the driver
- a resident program on the client computer listening on a port - the server
connects to it and operates the driver
- an ActiveX Object - the driver is operated by client script from the
internet browser

Each method has advantages and disadvantages. I would like to know if
someone had some experiance of similar matter and I would appreciate any
kind of help or comment

Thank you in advance

I would say the ActiveX object (or maybe an embedded windows forms control)
is probably the best way to go overall when considering security, ease of
implementation, and reliability.

Here's more info on embedding windows forms controls:

I hope this helps,
Steve C. Orr,

"Gen" <m@nowhere.com> wrote in message


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