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MS Dynamics CRM 3.0

Asp.Net Programming

Design Guidance Wanted

In ASP.net 2.0 I need to create a scheduling page that allows my users to
book/schedule/reserve six different surgery rooms.  What the design calls
for is one screen that has the daily schedule on the vertical axis and
across the top on a horizontal axis the six different surgery rooms are
represented.  This way the operator can see at a glance the status of all
six surgery rooms at the same time for the selected day.

I am sure this is fairly simple but I am just plain lost on how to go about
accomplishing this.  My preference would be to be able to do this without
purchasing third party controls if possible although I would welcome
recommendations on third party controls as well if that is the real answer

Any guidance, samples, links, articles, input, etc. would be greatly
appreciated.  This is a very important module of the system I am working on
and I lack the necessary experience with ASP.NET to make sound design
decisions about it without input from the experienced community.  Thank you
so much! - Rusty

I have the same exact thing but for conference rooms.

I used a gridview. In the header section of the grid I put the conference
room name, on the left side of the grid I put times then when the user
booked a conference room it had the day needed and who reserved it. Its
something like the outlook calender but we needed to add some more custom
things to it so I created on a page doing this using the grid view.

"Rusty Hill" <Rusty.H@hotmail.com> wrote in message


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