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Enhancing User Experience One Control At A Time

Hello everyone,

Here is what I would like to accomplish, I have a webpart 'portal'
where each webpart is in an updatepanel. I would like the page to load
and the webparts to load as they become available.

Currently, the page renders after all controls/webparts are loaded.
Then when there are postbacks, the updatepanels work great. Is there a
way to do this with theses controls (built-in ajax.net type stuff) or
will I need to finally delve into writing the ajax manually in the
javascript :) I might be hoping for too much to do this auto-

Maybe asynchronous webparts would do the trick . . .

Thanks and have a nice week!

with just a little rework you can. have all the webparts render as
invisible (and do as little as possible) or render "loading...". then on
browser onload fire off the ajax to load them.

for this to look nice you need to size the the webparts on the render

note: the browser will limit connections to allow only 2 ajax requests
at the same time. if you use session, then the server limits to one
request being serviced at a time.

-- bruce (sqlwork.com)

Hi Bruce, thanks for answering so quickly and the information! That is
a great idea . . . and so simple! I can't wait to try it out . . .
Thanks for the tips as well, I hadn't even considered that.


On May 20, 7:10 pm, bruce barker <nos@nospam.com> wrote:

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