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Global Var

Hi Gang,

I need to persist error info between the Application_Error block in
Global.asax and the custom error page. I am trying to use the built-in
Application class. I am writing this code in the Application_Error block:

Application["errInfo"] = info;

When I try to access the "errInfo" object in Application, I get nothing.
Here is the code in Error.aspx:

info = (string)Application["errInfo"];

I can use the Application class in other parts of my project but it does not
seem to work when I use it in the Application_Error block. Thanks for any


ps: any other ideas about how to get the info into Error.aspx?

More info: the exception that the tests were based on was raised in
Global.asax. I got the idea to try throwing an exception in a page and when
I did, the code worked as designed. So it looks like exceptions originating
in Global.asax cause this kind of issue.

"Uriah Piddle" <stephenpresc@msn.com> wrote in message


> ps: any other ideas about how to get the info into Error.aspx?

You don't actually need to:

Exception ex = Server.GetLastError();


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