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Asp.Net Programming

HOW can you show an HTML...

page (an HTML file) from an ASP.NET page?
<iframe> controls shows web pages. Is it what you are after?

Eliyahu Goldin,
Software Developer & Consultant
Microsoft MVP [ASP.NET]

"Drun" <drimoh@hotmail.com> wrote in message


Hello Drun,

Just render your page to the string using StringBuilder + StringWriter +
HtmlTextWriter + RenderControl

See the sample which use this approach there http://aspnet.4guysfromrolla.com/articles/091102-1.aspx

WBR,  Michael  Nemtsev [.NET/C# MVP].  
My blog: http://spaces.live.com/laflour
Team blog: http://devkids.blogspot.com/

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D> page (an HTML file) from an ASP.NET page?


On Jun 7, 6:22 am, "Drun" <drimoh@hotmail.com> wrote:

> page (an HTML file) from an ASP.NET page?

As in, you have to file local?  Simple then.  Just suck it in with
System.IO methods then stream it back out to the page.  Either through
Response.Write() or by dumping it into a Literal control.

If the file is living on another server that you can only access via
HTTP, you'll need to use HttpWebRequest to pull the file local before
you can dump it onto the page.

Good luck.

Jason Kester
Expat Software Consulting Services

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