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Asp.Net Programming

Help with controls on page

I am trying to loop through all the controls on my webform to get it's
ID property.  My eventual goal is going to be to reset the text of
specific contols.

Here is a piece of the code I am using, that I found searching through

Dim control As Control

For Each control In Me.Page.Controls
   Response.Write("<BR>" + control.ID)

Unfortunately, all I get returned is the name of my form such as

Anyone have any idea or, prefered, an example of what I need to do?

Thanks in advance

Controls collection includes only direct children. You should loop
recursively to reach every control.

Eliyahu Goldin,
Software Developer & Consultant
Microsoft MVP [ASP.NET]

<gbjornh@gmail.com> wrote in message


On Jun 7, 3:18 am, "Eliyahu Goldin"

Thanks.  Do you have an example, or a link, on how to loop recursively
thru the form?
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