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Asp.Net Programming

How to select particular Node and its child nodes in TreeView of ASP.Net 2005 ?

I have filled a treeview with parents and childs, using Hashtables.

Now, how can I check the required Parent and its Child Nodes.

for example, I have following data

    Item A
        Item A1
        Item A2
    Item B
        Item B1
        Item B2

Now, I want to check the Item B, Item B1 and Item B2 Only, how can I  ?

I have also saved the Keyvalues in the nodes, but still I don't know, how to
go to Item B ?
I know, that Item B has a Keyvalue B.

Any Idea please ?

Best Regards,


Is that what you're looking for?

foreach (TreeNode tn in tree.Nodes) {
    if (tn.Text == "Item B") {
        // you found it and can go for B1-Bn

"Luqman" <pearls@cyber.net.pk> wrote in message



for each loop will not find "Item B" as in VS 2005, the Group Node is the
Tree Main Node while Item A and Item B are childnodes of Group Node.

Best Regards,


"AlexS" <salexru200@SPAMrogers.comPLEASE> wrote in message


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