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Lower case all form names?

I'd like your opinion on whether or not form names should be lower or mixed
case (like is there a "best practice" for the style).




I'm guessing lay Internet users might not know that URLs are not case
sensitive and all lower case maybe appears "cleaner".  On the other hand,
mixed case might be more readable?




As far as the physical files go, that is completely up to you.  I personally
like using CamelCase for readability.

On the client-side, however, I have seen issues with certain browsers on
certain platforms that don't like uppercase letters.  When referencing pages
and whatnot in links, I would use lower case.

Hope this helps,


"Ronald S. Cook" <r@westinis.com> wrote in message

Hi Ronald,

I use CamelCase for readability inside my IDE. However, when I
reference the file in my code I use lowercase letters. The primary
reason is that my automated testing software gets confused with
lowercase vs. uppercase letters.

Like most things, it primarily about personal preference and using
what works.

Tod Birdsall, MCSD for .NET

On Jun 5, 11:11 am, "Ronald S. Cook" <r@westinis.com> wrote:

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