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Opening remote site is very slow - copying files?


I am running visual studio 2005 on a Vista Ultimate client. I have
created a remote site on a Windows 2003 R2 server. This site has about
100 aspx, many App_Code files and several references to DLL's.

When I open the remote site within VS 2005 on the client machine, I
takes very, very long before the site is opened and the solutione
explorer shows all files. In the mean time the status bar shows a
message like it is copying files from the remote machine to my local

Does this mean that every time I open a remote site, a complete copy
of the site made to my local machine? Does this also happen if I add
this site to Visual SourceSafe?

Any ideas on how to speed up this opening process? I know that I can
create a local IIS site or directly on the file system but I really
liked the idea of working on the remote site directly.



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