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Question about displaying hidden controls

I've given up trying to use the AJAX ModalPopupExtender and have opted,
instead, for using a hidden dropdownlist on my form.  How do I get the
dropdownlist and it's corresponding label to display when a user enters a
value in a textbox?  I thought about doing so whenever OnKeyDown or
OnKeyPress or, even, the OnTextChanged within that text box are fired, but I
can't seem to get it to work.
I wish it was possible to go back and edit a post; since it isn't, I thought
I'd clarify my post a bit by stating that I'd like to display the controls
without having to do a postback.  As it is now, I can display the controls
only if the user clicks on the OK button.

First of all, you need to hide the ddl with a css rule display:none. If you
use Visible=false, the ddl won't be rendered to the client.

In the javascript events you are going to handle you will need to call this

myDdl = [some code that locates the ddl]

The exect code that locates the ddl depends on your page. If it is not in a
master page neither inside a user control, you can use
myDdl = document.getElementById('ddlId');

Eliyahu Goldin,
Software Developer & Consultant
Microsoft MVP [ASP.NET]

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