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Asp.Net Programming

Session variable being cleared--why?

When I visit a specific web page, Request.aspx, for some reason my session
variables are cleared.

I noticed that there is a "EnableSessionState" property on the document
object that has three allowed states  "True", "false" and "Readonly". I
would assume that by default, if not specified, it is "true".

however, I decided to explicitly set it to true to see if it helps.

i set it to true in the WebForm. no luck.. Then i realized that it used a
Master Page, so I tried to set the same property there to true.

I get the following error message:

Error 3 Error parsing attribute 'enablesessionstate': Type
'System.Web.UI.MasterPage' does not have a public property named
C:\MyDocs\vss\SMIT\SMIT.PackTrack\PackTrack.NET\BIMasterPage.master 1

Any idea why I can't set this property or how to prevent the Session
Variable from being cleared. I access the web page using a relative Url, do
not explicitly clear the variable, am not using frames, am using only 1 IE

Can anyone suggest a reason why this is happending?

Also, on a separate thought...Is there any easy way to log response times
(Page Post times) in a centralized way such as the ASAX file. I assume there
is something in TRACING, but I dont know much about. A little direction
point would be helpful.


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