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Style class doesn't support margin or padding css properties


I want to add some css rules to the this.Header.StyleSheet property. I need
to add margin and some other css properties but the Style class doesn't
support them. What is the best way or some other options to do this?

// Create a Style object for the body of the page.
Style style = new Style();
style.Width = val;
style.Margin-Left = 20px;  // this is what i would like to add

// Add the style to the header of the current page.
this.Header.StyleSheet.CreateStyleRule(style, null, "#container");

Many thanks

On May 30, 2:49 pm, "J055" <j@newsgroups.nospam> wrote:

class MyStyle : Style
        protected override void FillStyleAttributes(CssStyleCollection
attributes, IUrlResolutionService urlResolver)
            base.FillStyleAttributes(attributes, urlResolver);
            attributes[HtmlTextWriterStyle.Margin] = "0 0 0 0";
            attributes[HtmlTextWriterStyle.Padding] = "0 0 0 0";

this.Page.Header.StyleSheet.CreateStyleRule(new MyStyle(), this.Page,


On May 30, 3:00 pm, Alexey Smirnov <alexey.smir@gmail.com> wrote:

for Margin-Left rule simply add

attributes[HtmlTextWriterStyle.MarginLeft] = "20px";


Hi Alexey

Thanks for this. That's exactly what I needed.


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