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Suggestions for SIMPLE AJAX library for 1.1?

I was playing with AJAX a bit last year but never really took the time to
fully analyze the various AJAX libraries out there for ASP.net 1.1

We're finally using 2.0, so have begun playing with the Atlas library.

However, I have a 1.1 app that I want to add a few AJAX features to, but I
have neither the energy nor time to rewrite it in 2.0

So, with that said, what would people suggest for an ajax library that would
(as best as it can) emulate 2.0's update panel.

The only main feature I need/want to add to the site is the ability to view
a list of items (UL), sort it with drag and drop (which I'm using
Scriptaculous for) and the ability to expand any particular UL item to then
dynamically load a text box for adding text, then a save button to close and
save said text. If there is a particular AJAX library for 1.1 that has
something tailored to that, that'd be perfect!


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