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TFSBuild Labels


I am a newbie to MSBuild/TFSBuild.

I am having a Team Foundation Server. I am trying to write a custom
script along with it.

There are 2 scripts. In first one i want to label the sources in TFS.
In second one, i want to build the Solution (Without further

By Default TFSBuild uses a sequence of calls like CoreClean,
CoreLabel, CoreBuild, CoreDropBuild etc.

In my first script, i have customised CoreBuid so that it is not able
to build the solution.

In my second script, i am setting the predefined property
Skiplabel=true. So, it is building the latest solution from TFS.

Now my queries are:
1. Can i give some custom label in form of Date.Time instead of
2. Can i somehow pass a label as argument to the second script (used
fo building). This is to take care of care when i want to build some
earlier version from TFS (Not the latest one).

Also is there a way that i can restrict access to one of these scripts
to 2-3 people (while first one can be run by anyone).

Please help.



Ask on one of the TFS forums:

Eliyahu Goldin,
Software Developer & Consultant
Microsoft MVP [ASP.NET]

"sl" <shreshth.lut@gmail.com> wrote in message


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