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Trouble with office Sharepoint 2007 and dotnet 2003


I am new to Sharepoint Server. I was just trying to install sharepoint
server and work with it. I wanted to access the sharepoint server
services with dotnet and work with it. I just installed the hsarepoint
server on my system. Now i am in all sorts of trouble. I am now not
able to create any web service in ODtnet. When i try to create it pops
upa message box and i don't know wht to do.

the message is :

The default web access mode for this project is to file share, but the
project folder at            http://localhost/servicename cann't be
opened with the path.


Unable to create web project 'servicename' the file path c:\Inetpub
\wwwroor\wss\virtualdirectories\80\servcename doesnot coeerspond to
the url       http://localhost/servicename. The two needed to map to
the same sever location. HTTP error found.

What would u like to do?

 - Retry using a different file share path :

      Location : c:\Inetpub\wwwroor\wss\virtualdirectories

 - Try to open the project with front page server extension

 - workoffline

this is message that is poped.

I am not able to understand what it is trying to say.

If any one can please try to help me out and make me understand wht it
means and give a solution to work with this.

I am using office sharepoint 2007 and dotnet 2003

If anyone out here know the solution please help me.

Thanks for the help.


Couple ways to fix this, reconfigure sharepoint to use a different port. Do
this from a re-install.

Alvin Bruney
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