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Two masterpages in one application problem

I have two masterpages in a web application. One is used for the login and
logout pages. The other is used for all other pages in the application.

The difference between the two masterpages is that on the main one I have a
user control in the left side that has the site navigation menu while the
login/logout masterpage has a non-breaking space in that table cell.
Everything else is exactly the same.

The issue is that the login/logout pages never display the images or the
styles while the main masterpages always displays everything correctly.

Suggestions for solving would be much appreciated!!

Thank you,

"Stephen Hatfield" <StephenHatfi@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in
message news:3BFE9D32-853F-425C-8D33-E36DA6F79D8F@microsoft.com...

> Suggestions for solving would be much appreciated!!

Are both MasterPages in the same folder or, at least, at the same folder

Sorry. Yes, both masterpages and all pages for the application are at the
root level of the application. The stylesheet is there as well.


Please check whether the following things are proper
1. ContentPlaceHolder is defined in the Maste PAge. You MasterPAge Login
controls are not living inside the ContentPlaceHolder
2. Content controls is defined in the LoginPage. Please made sure that you
have proper content pertaining to LoginPage in the ContentControl
3. Are you dynamically switching between MasterPAges during PreRender events ?

Thanks & Regards,
Sundar Narasiman

(1)  ContenPlaceHolder is defined in both master pages and no controls on
either page reside in the ContentPlaceHolder
(2)  Proper content is in the ContentPlaceHolder on Login page
(3)  No, I am not switching dynamically between master pages within the
PreRender event. An appropriately authenticated login redirects to the main
application page.


You could try using just the one MasterPage, and instead, just put a blank
ContentPlaceholder with the appropriate Id to "nullify" the Login control(s).
Otherwise, haven't a clue, from reading the thread.
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