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Urgent Help - Error loading user control


I need some urgent help and your help is very much appreciated.

I have a control in a directory named components and I am trying to load
that control and add it to the page and when I run the web site locally it's
ok but when I try to publish the web site then I get the following error:

Error   1       Type 'ASP.components_jobs_ascx' is not
defined.        C:\Projects\TPP\pages\jobs.aspx.vb      240    


The web user control is called jobs.ascx and it is located on the components

the class is components_jobs


The code that I have on the page is this:

     Private Function GetJobControl(ByVal CandID As Integer, ByVal JobID As
Integer) As UserControl

        Dim Jobs1 As ASP.components_jobs_ascx =
        Jobs1.CandID = CandID
        Jobs1.JobID = JobID
        Jobs1.RPT = RPT
        Return Jobs1

    End Function

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