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WTF: Could not load type 'class'

I was in the middle of developing a new Web app with no upgrades, no
system restores nothing except the modification of some methods, when
all of the sudden this garbage started popping up during run time:

Could not load type 'class_type' in file "File:/that_had_worked_fine/

Most help says to build the project first, or make sure the solution
is in a virtual folder set up as a web app in IIS. Anyways, duh...but
that still did not fix my problem.
I was running VS 2005, sp2 since the beta. The SP2 is the full General
release now.

Anyways, after messing with visual source safe after it did not
release a DTD file for a typed dataset and the designer would not
display it I ran into a big problem.

All of the sudden, none of the web pages could find their "Type" from
the Inhereits directive of the page.

After messing with this crap for 2 hours, and applying all of the Web
app designer "Add-in" to Visual studio VS80-KB915364-X86-ENU.exe... I
figured out what happened.

the Compiler no longer recognized "CODEBEHIND". Now it only wanted
"CodeFile". So I just did a search and replace through my 80 web pages
that were part of the web app than ran fine 20 minutes before the

ANYWAYS. C# 2005 SP2, in middle of dev with no VS restart or naything
else I had to use CodeFile instead of CodeBehind.

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