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Asp.Net Programming

Why wont my "asp:button" do a postback?

I've got a page with an asp:button on it and for some reason, it not
only will not execute the OnClick handler, but it wont even do a
postback.  There are no errors, but the button doesn't do anything.
Any ideas of what might be going on and/or to diagnose the problem?
Could we have a look at some of your code so we can help you out?


"HockeyFan" <les.stock@gmail.com> wrote in message


Yea some code would be good but off the top of my hand make sure you havent
got any validators on your page which are failing and stopping the post
back. Make sure the button has its runat="server" attribute as well.

"Papanii" <papani@hotmail.com> wrote in message


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