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Asp.Net Programming

*.aspx = 404

We have our application installed at a client site on a Win2k3 box. IIS
will serve *.html or *.txt, but when ever we try to get to any aspx
files via IIS, we get a 404.
We have deployed this app many times and it's always worked pretty well
and I have never seen this scenario before.
It's .Net 1.1 and we have given "Network Service" read and execute
permissions to the virtual directory. We've also done a aspnet_regiis -i
and iisreset with no change.
Any ideas? Thanks!


Have you *enabled* ASP.NET 1.1 ?

In W2K3, you must, specifically, enable the .Net Framework version you use.

Open the IIS Manager, scroll down on the left to "Web Service Extensions",
and select it; move to the right pane and select ASP.NET 1.1, and click the "Allow" button.

Juan T. Llibre, asp.net MVP
asp.net faq : http://asp.net.do/faq/
foros de asp.net, en espaol : http://asp.net.do/foros/

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