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Asp.Net Programming

asp.net 2.0 membership secuirty password recovery without security question?

Using the delivered login controls, I see there is something for
passwordrecovery. But I can't seem to find how to set properties so it
does not ask me for my security question.

 Is there any way to use the delivered controls to do what most sites
do today, where if I lost my password, I simply enter my user name or
email address and it mails it to. If my user name or email are not in
the database, I get an error, otherwise a new password is sent to me..
without asking me any security question?

Also, while creating users asp.net management utility insist that
enter a secuirty question/password. Say I want to build my own
interface to allow customer service to create new users. Any way to do
this externally without entering a security password? if not, any way
to let users enter  update/change their security question and

 Can any of the above be be done with the CreateUser Wizzards, as per
the popular how to video:


Thanks for any help or information.

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