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assigned namespace

Hi All,

This should be a quite old question, but any way..

Why visual studio 2005 does not assigned the default namespace to the web
pages when creates a web site type project.. please explain?


Not sure the answer to your q but you can set the default namespace in your
project.  Right click on your project and select "properties". In the
"application" tab you can set your default namespace.

"Nirosh" <Nir@News.Com> wrote in message


Thanks for the reply.. But that setting is not for "web site" type project..
it won't work in my case as I am developing a web site.


"T Samualson" <tera_8@hotmail.com> wrote in message


It should work.  Are you using VS 2005 with the service pack installed?

I use it for my web applications.  There is a difference between web
application projects and web site projects so to take advantage of it use a
web application.

"Nirosh" <Nir@News.Com> wrote in message


if asp.net 2.0 web site, the page file and the code behind are compiled
into one dll (they are actually treated as one source via partial
classes). as the code behind is the same "source" as the page there is
no need for a namespace. in a web site project aspnet_compiler compiles
all the code.

if you make a web project (I don't care for them), vs2005 compiles the
code behind in a dll it places in the bin folder, and then has the
aspnet_compiler to compile the pages. so if you specify a project
namespace, it still only on the code behind files (which now use
inhertance instead if partial classes).

not actully sure why you want a namespace on web pages, as they are
standalone units. normally you create shared code as a seperate library
project, where you would use a namespace.

note: in the web.config, you can specify default namespaces to include
in pages via the <namespaces> config section.

-- bruce (sqlwork.com)

Nope sir, web application is for the people who are struggling to get
themselves converted from ASP.NET 1.X to 2.0.. Not for pure ASP.NET 2.0
projects.. just look around you will realize that you aren't getting any
advantage of using web application projects..


"T Samualson" <tera_8@hotmail.com> wrote in message


Thanks for the detail reply..

As to answering to your question about why I need a namespace, let me answer
you with a question.. Mate do you have a fence for your garden.. simple
reason is that I needed them to group them well as I am having too many
controls when I type ASP. I am finding it harder to maintain.. so I need
fence around same type of controls.. if you just have a system with 10  20
pages it will work for you.. I am talking about something lot larger than

So.. with your expertise... what is your suggestion.. I can manualy add the
namespace and I can refer to the assembly with the name space.. not using
ASP so is it a bad practise..

Thanks again for the detail reply..


"bruce barker" <nos@nospam.com> wrote in message


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