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MS Dynamics CRM 3.0

Asp.Net Programming

how t ostart useing profiles in asp.net?

I have seen a few articals that show how to start using properties, even a
few on custom providors for profiles, but have not yet seen any basic steps
on how to initialize the database tables and how to connect to them in the
web config.

My sqlserver is on a seprate machine using mixed mode security with a
specific sql user assigned to allow access.

Any and a
thanks (as always)
some day i''m gona pay this forum back for all the help i''m getting

Installing the Database using Aspnet_regsql.exe (http://

Try it on your own server first so you can get a feel for it, and
actually use the built in management tool (VS 2005 rediculous
version). The ASP.net config tool won't work accross the wire (only
local). So plan on using an open source one, or building your own
remote front end to admin the users and roles.

It defaults from machine.config settings in SYS_ROOT/Microsoft.NET
\Framework\v2.0.x and up (i think it does 3)
So unless you change your machine.config, you will have to override
your web.config per app.

some more random links
http://www.odetocode.com/Articles/428.aspx (good one)

On Jun 6, 3:11 pm, WebBuilder451

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