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httphandler in VS 2005

I have a httpHandler which ran ok on .net 1.1, have ported the web app across
to 2.0 and it now gives a 404 error.

The problem seems to be based around the fact that the source for the
handler is contained in a seperate project in Vis Studio, although this
project is part of the same solution. But it being in a seperate project was
not a prob in VS 2003.

In 1.1 the declaration was:
<add verb="*" path="*Welcome.aspx*"

And it found MYSOURCE fine. But when trying to access "Welcome.aspx" in VS
2005 it throws a 404. I have tried the below, but again this still throws a

<add verb="*" path="*Welcome.aspx*"

Probably a bit too specific, but an ideas apprecciated.

My first thought would be to check the IIS log to make sure which path is
tried (is all deployed to the server ?). The wilcard after the .aspx
extension might be unsupported now ? (is it really needed ?) (thought it
doesn't seem to me it should be a 404 error then).

Also what if you disable this handler declaration and try to it a normal
welcome.aspx page at the same location. Does it work ? (would help to find
out if this is before the handler thing or if this is the handler
declaration that causes this problem).


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