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Asp.Net Programming

please help me!

hi to all;
 i'm using asp.net 1.1, c#.net.visual studio 2003 to make my asp web application
in my application, i want when i add a new topic a link or icon about this topic appear in another page .


consider we have two page "add new message" and the "show all messages"
in add new message page:

i use two text boxes to set a name of the topic and to write a content in the second text box.and then click on save/insert button to save  the the message in the database.

what i want is : after saving the message--> a link about this message appear in the "show all mesage page". so the other user when go to "show all message page" can view a link ---> click on it then redirect to the page where is the content of the message.

what i want is mostly like what i do now
[i wrote a message name "Subject" textbox---> then i write now the content of the message in "Message" texbox----->then i will click on post button ----> then a link of my message "please help me !" will appear in forums page ----> so the other users of the site can go to the forums page,see my message,click on it to view the content of the message]

please help me with code,i really need help to do this idea

On Jun 5, 10:26 pm, Mero wrote:

You need a DataGrid control
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