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question on development environment configuration of .NET ASP

 I did development by using .NET 2003 (enterprise edition) which does not
have tree view control for web form, and SQL server 2000 installed on the
same machine with server 2000 operating system. Now I have to move the server
machine to other place, and I will get a new machine for myself for
developing Web Server applications which will be installed in the server
machine. So I have to remotely access the the server machine.

I just think about the following configurations for computers, but I do not
know if it will work, or something missing or it is a good option for the new
I need your help for this configuration and a list of software to purchase
and instal.

1. My machine (a client for development and testing): to be purchase.
(1.1) Windows XP professional.
(1.2) .NET 2005 enterprise: I need tree view control for web form. Is the
.NET 2005 Professional good enough?
(2.3) Anything else?

2. Server machine:
(2.1) Operating system: Windows Server 2000. Do I need to upgrade it?
(2.2) .NET framework 1.0, 1.1, 2.0
(2.3) SQL server 2000. Do I need to upgrade it to SQL Server 2005?
(2.4) IIS: which version is new?
(2.5) anything else?

Thanks for any help


"david" <d@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message


> (2.1) Operating system: Windows Server 2000.

Mainstream support for Windows 2000 Server ended nearly 2 years ago:

> Do I need to upgrade it?

If at all possible, IMO...


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