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shortest path to write to a network drive?

In .NET 2.0 hosted on Server 2003, I'm attempting to use File.Copy(src,dst)
to write to a shared folder on a network drive.  The folder is used by every
user who has a log on id and has 'Full Control' permissions granted to
'Everyone'.  Still, I am not able to write to the folder from my code-behind
code.  I get "unknown user name or bad password".

I've found and tried a number of Impersonation and Delegation articles, but
I only get a headache from them.  For a wide open public directory like this,
there's got to be a shorter/simpler path (I'm hoping).

I know we have the IIS Application Pool Identity set to IWAM_machine instead
of "Network Service", but I don't recall the rationale for changing it over a
year ago (except that it fixed something, and that we've created more
dependencies on IWAM_machine since then).

Have tried both UNC's "\\machine2\publicdir\des.txt" and mapped drives
"Y:\temp\dest.txt".  The latter returns "Could not find part of the path",
which makes sense, I did not expect mapped drives to show up for the IIS

Any help greatly appreciated.


make the app pool identity a domain account with access to the share. be
sure impersonation is off.

-- bruce (sqlwork.com)

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