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Asp.Net Programming

thread httpContext

If I launch a thread within an asp.net application.  Is their anyway to get
at the base threads HttpContext object.

If the thread errors I want to capture stuff like:

Hi Chuck,

Regarding on the thread HttpContext issue you mentioned, do you mean you
want to access the HttpContext in a thread you manually started through

Based on my understanding, the HttpContext object is only associated with
those ASP.NET worker threads(pickup from thread pool when a request
coming). For those custom thread you start through Thread.Start, they're
not associated with a HttpContext object automatically.  Would you provide
some further info about how to will spawn those custom threads and what
you'll do in it?  Anyway, since custom thread's execution lifecycle may
beyound an ASP.NET request's server-side processing lifecycle, it is not
recommended(also unsafe) to use Httpcontext objects(like Request, Response)
in custom thread's code. If what you want to pass some unchanged
data/parameters, you can consider direclty pass them as Thread's input
parameters(State data) at startup time.


Steven Cheng

Microsoft MSDN Online Support Lead


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