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MS Dynamics CRM 3.0

Sql Server Programming

Backup database

I can - from within an application - execute the SQL Command:
BACKUP DATABASE MyDatabase TO DISK 'C:\MyBackup\MyDatabase.bak' WITH INIT

This works fine as along as the "to disk" clause points to a local drive
However, If it points to a network drive, the backup fails

Any hint?


I'm facing the same issue and can't resolve it to safe myself.
I can backup locally until the cows come home, but when I try to do a backup
to a network share or a NAS device it chokes. I've tried everything from
permissions to every other security thing I thought of. I even mapped the
server to the share I was trying to backup to and then pointed to
'z:\\foldername\backup\\ and no luck.

I just gave up and I'm backing the db's up locally for now.

"Anders" <And@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message


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