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Sql Server Programming

Connecting to a remote server with SQL Management Studio Express

I installed a copy of SQL 2005 Express on another computer here using the
automatic download and install from Microsoft supported by the setup

I can't access this server from another machine on the LAN using SQL
Management Studio Express. I can 'see' the server but cannot connect. Both
machines are running XP, mine is trying to log in as 'Guest'.

Do I need to configure SQL 2005 on the remote machine to use mixed-mode
authentication and try to log in using an SQL password or is there a way to
make a remote user work with Windows Authentication?

How should I go about this?


Hello, Andrew

First, see http://support.microsoft.com/kb/914277 on how to enable
remote connectivity, because Express Edition is not configured to
allow remote connections by default.

Second, if you are not in a Windows domain, you should enable mixed
authentication and connect using SQL logins (if you want to use sa,
you should configure a password for the sa login and enable it).
However, there are two ways to use Windows authentication even if you
are not in the same domain, see:




How do I configure this instance for mixed authentication and choose a
password? Is it a registry tweak?

- A

"Razvan Socol" <rso@gmail.com> wrote in message


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