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Sql Server Programming

Database design and normalisation ??

Dear all,

I am preparing my last exam for MCSD and actually I have a huge lack of
undertsanding on the best way to organise your dtabase based on buisness
requirement as well as normalization part.

Does anyone has a good link which explain this and guide lines from a
practclae case ?

I browse the BOL 2005 but no clear things occurs for me

thanks for help


Very big question.  Regarding normalization, there are many resources such

Normalization to at least 3NF is an excellent starting point for physical
database design. This is essentially an exercise in implementing logical

The harder topics are 1) understanding the business rules, 2) understanding
the impact of 3NF on processes, and 3) determining when (rarely) to make


"calderara" <calder@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message


Tha nks

This sis a big topic as you said, and quite hard for me to catch.
in this final exam a lto of quetsion on database design and nomralizazion or
many to many relation ...

I suffer.

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