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Sql Server Programming



I have a SQL statement as below:

CREATE TABLE SystemParameter
        (SystemParameterID DTTypeID,
        SystemParameterName DTOptionName,
        SystemParameterValue DTOptionValue,
        AgentID int,
        Threshold int,
        CheckOrNot int,
        ErrorText DTObjectDescription)

But I've got error as below:

Warning: The table 'SystemParameter' has been created but its maximum
row size (9141) exceeds the maximum number of bytes per row (8060).
INSERT or UPDATE of a row in this table will fail if the resulting row
length exceeds 8060 bytes.

Anything wrong with the CREATE TABLE statement?

> Anything wrong with the CREATE TABLE statement?

There is nothing syntactically wrong.  The row length warning means that the
variable row length could potentially exceed the maximum size.  If you later
attempt an INSERT/UPDATE that exceeds the max size, the insert/update will

You didn't provide the UDT definitions but it is likely that underlying data
types have a large maximum size.

Hope this helps.

Dan Guzman
SQL Server MVP

"Curious" <fir5tsi@yahoo.com> wrote in message


Thanks Dan! I changed definition of one column to a smaller varchar
type, and the query went through.
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