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Sql Server Programming

HELP: MFC ODBC SQL Server problems

I got a problem where in SQL Server a table has a column of type REAL & size
(precision) 4. It's meant to store double types for C++ variable values.

In SQL Server, the value 1E+10 translates to 10000000000 in C++ fine, via
MFC's CRecordset class (DBCORE.CPP). However any numbers above this value
translates to wrong numbers. Such as:

1.1E+10 => 10000000512
1.00001E+10 => 10000001024
1.01E+10 => 10099999744
1.0000001E+10 => 10000100352

Strange huh? Has anybody experienced this before? Does anyone know what is
wrong? I tried upgrading my SQL Server 2000 to SP4 and even upgraded MAC2.6
to SP2. Still no success.

You should not use "Real" to handle a big number like "1E+10" since real
data type does not have enough precisions to do the job.  If you change
the data type to "Float", you will have better chance to get the number
right. Or if you want to store "Exact" numbers, you should use "decimal"
as your data type.

Charles Zhang
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