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Sql Server Programming

How write INNER JOIN, etc instead of using =?

How, please, do I write the following but with full compliance to the
ANSI-92 standard (or whatever it is)... i.e. with INNER JOIN, LEFT OUTER
JOIN instead of *=, etc.


FROM Lot l,

LotOwnerCompany loc,

OwnerCompany oc

WHERE oc.OwnerCompanyID *= @OwnerCompanyID

AND oc.OwnerCompanyID = loc.OwnerCompanyID

AND loc.LotID = l.LotID

Thanks much in advance,

Hello, Ronald

The query you posted is not a valid syntax for old-style outer joins
in SQL 2000 (which supports old-style outer joins), because "Both
terms of an outer join must contain columns" (as the error message
says). If it is a valid syntax in other products, I guess you could
write it more clearly like this:

INNER JOIN LotOwnerCompany loc
  ON loc.LotID = l.LotID
INNER JOIN OwnerCompany oc
  ON oc.OwnerCompanyID = loc.OwnerCompanyID
  oc.OwnerCompanyID = @OwnerCompanyID
  OR @OwnerCompanyID IS NULL


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