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Sql Server Programming

Re-raising errors in TRY/CATCH

SQL 2005. Is there any way to re-raise a system error that occurs within a
TRY block as the system error? Within the CATCH block I can identify the
error number via the ERROR_NUMBER() function and I can include that number
within the error message when I re-raise the error, but client code then has
to parse the text to identify the specific error - not a good idea. I can
explicitly re-raise a user defined error (> 50,000), but I can't re-raise a
system error (e.g., 547, FK violation). Any solution?

Vern Rabe

Have you considered using the return value?


begin try
  ..manipulate data
end try
begin catch
  ... do error-handling
  return error_number()
end catch



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