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Sql Server Programming

Select with variable containing a Column name

Hi ,
I would like to use a column name in a variable as follows:
Declare @amount numeric(25,0)
Declare @ColumnName varchar(20)
Set @ColumnName= 'Amount1'

SELECT @amount = @ColumnName FROM Sale WHERE year=1998
---error: convertion from varchar to numeric

SELECT @amount = Amount1 FROM Sale WHERE year=1998
--- is running fine

How can I fix this syntax problem?
Any advice will be very much appreciated.


You are trying to write dynamic-SQL.  Which means that you must build a
complete string of the statement then execute it.  Indirection within T-SQL
statements is invalid syntax.

A popular reference for Dynamic SQL is:


"Truc H." <T@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message


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