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Sql Server Programming

69208 select result as comma-separated output
69207 Finding records that don't match in a join
69206 T-SQL statements/syntax changed from 7.0 to 2000
69205 SqlBulkCopy and SQL Server Compact Edition
69204 How to connect via ADO .NET to a sql server db in SINGLE_USER mode?
69203 Accessing Scalar data Returned from a Stored Procedure inside anot
69202 Sum of time in interval
69201 Shrinking or Truncating?
69200 up to 5 cols from 10 cols without dynamic sql or cursor?
69199 Best update performance? (ORM)
69198 ADOX and SQL server 2005
69197 Creating Linked Server to Oracle 9i - HELP!
69196 Dates
69195 Combing XML and VARCHAR results
69194 "Switch" table names in SQL Server 2005
69193 Get proc names excluding system procs
69192 my first SP_Conversion failed when converting the NVarchar value to INT
69191 SSIS and simple fileexport and IF in prosedures
69190 date comparision in query.
69189 Defining and SqlCommand parameter to a column that is a Checksum in C#
69188 Privot Aggregate question
69187 Optimization (System Tables)
69186 Optimizing Join
69185 Beginner problem with subquery
69184 truncate value of a float data type column to 4 decimal places
69183 LEFT JOIN Clarification
69182 Replacing beginning text in a field
69181 query for spaces in varchar column
69180 can this be one statement
69179 ^ Get Free Money!
69178 Ann: GeckoWare SQL Scribe Documetnation Builder version 4.0
69177 One query based uppon an other one, with parameters ?
69176 Error creating role
69175 Union !
69174 Interesting SQL riddle
69173 Update Table With Incremental Numeric Values
69172 slow data access from
69171 Retrieving DISTINCT results based on a single column
69170 ORDER BY in VIEWS outputs unsorted results - SQL2005
69169 A Challenge
69168 raising events
69167 Column or Table constraints and foreign keys, which one to use?
69166 Goofy Girls Gone Wild
69165 DTS program
69164 xp_cmdshell - directory
69163 Beginner needs help
69162 How to know when reindex a table
69161 Performance DB-Library (more specifically bcp_...) vs. SQLBulkOperations
69160 difficult query
69159 Index and Include
69158 problem: procedure runs slow on excel vba
69157 WHERE versus JOIN
69155 Wrong database design for desired queries?
69154 MS ACCESS Query to SQL Query
69153 Remove neighbouring duplicates
69152 How to define Monday as weekstart throughout database?
69151 Trouble getting the right grouping on a query
69150 Recommendations on encrypting data in SQL Server 2000
69149 Is there a way to format currency in select statement?
69148 Internal SQL Server Error
69147 Count(*) question
69146 Call a stored proc from within a CLR Proc?
69145 SSIS Package fails with Cannot open the datafile on large flat fil
69144 UPDATE statement inside an INSERT trigger
69143 limit query execution time
69142 looking for a string function
69141 Help - Update Statement, I never really been able to fully understand it. Recommend me so reading.
69140 Combine multiple rows into one row
69139 debugging sql 2005 procs
69138 SQLOLEDB ADO drivers for X64 platform
69137 Need help with Update Query
69136 SQL retunrs -1
69135 data design question - record versioning
69134 Cannot import Excel file with Sql Server 2005
69133 common table expression
69132 Scripting views
69131 Simple INSERT taking too long
69130 Help calculating or determining past dates from a starting date
69129 alter table
69128 common table expressions and performance
69127 select values not contained in a table?
69126 Update query error
69125 SQL Notification Problem
69124 Relationships
69123 Cannot remove filegroup
69122 Lock all tables in a transaction
69121 Transaction logs not getting removed
69120 Group by
69119 Query optimization
69118 Performance Issue : recompile
69117 Calculating Compounded Return
69116 Become MCSD Certified
69115 Can you get feedback to VB.NET in long stored procedures?
69114 sql server print buffer
69113 statistics_norecompute in index
69112 Edit a SQL Server 2005 XML column in ASP.NET
69111 2 different update statements, big time difference, why?
69110 Launch BOL with a keyword?
69109 typo in BOL
69108 i got some error in ssis package when i was execute one package
69107 Case statement not working in View
69106 IF-ELSE statement
69103 SUBSTRING in User Defined Function - Invalid column
69102 Why are there sooo many double posts happening????
69101 Joining two tables with fields that have the same names
69100 Non Null Value
69099 SQL Server 2005
69098 Question about execution plan
69097 store procedure
69096 xcopy from xp_cmdshell
69095 how to simulate an array of values in a text box thru SQL
69094 Alternative to sp_OACreate
69093 stored procedure locking
69092 supply user
69091 array of values in a single row
69090 Memory
69089 Max Memory
69088 current week
69087 Replication, from a view to table SQL2000?
69086 How do I join two tables on a date which is slightly different in either table?
69085 Script to add counter.
69084 Urgent
69083 Adding an Automatically Updating Field
69082 * Unlimited BARTAB!
69081 Can't quite get the right grouping w/ a view
69080 Query Help
69079 Query slow on web but fast in SQL MS
69078 How to Copy Rows from Server to Server using INSERT INTO
69077 Creating a backup script
69076 64-bit SQL CLR Rename File SP - HELP!
69075 How to check job status w/ SMO?
69074 Return a grouped string in a view
69073 SISS Package
69072 Blocking Query after applied SQL2K SP4 + hotfix 2187
69071 Sweet Loads Down the Throat
69070 Get Processor Id
69069 Inlude clause in creating index
69068 User Defined data types
69067 Problem with checkpoints in SS2005 - Help is appreciated
69065 Temp table and OPENROWSET problem
69064 Migrating to 2K5
69063 Timeout though using NOLOCK
69062 Help on : Querry between 2 database ??
69061 Replace with regular expression in sql server 2000.
69060 Conversion failed when converting the varchar value.. to data type int.
69059 timestamp and getdate()
69058 parsing string into sequence of numbers and letters?
69057 Error with Protected excel file
69056 Changing passwords
69055 how to display different values in a single row
69054 Wrong identities being returned occasionally: not trigger related
69053 Worng identities being returned: not trigger related
69052 Export data from SQL 2005 to Access
69051 Deadlocking in Common Scenario?
69050 Simple Question About BLOBs
69049 Synchronizing Tables from 2 Servers
69048 Make $404 a day from home!
69047 error with linked server from sql server 2005 to 2003
69046 Query For Report Help
69045 text datatype in new SQL Server (test with Temp table)
69044 Help formatting first name field on report
69043 Collection of All SQL Commands
69042 SS2k5: why can't I script mutiple tables from diagrams any more ?
69041 i cant see the thread
69040 taking datafile online - HELP!
69039 ^ Blondes Take it on the face!
69038 database diagrams
69037 Syntax error
69036 Converting Non-ANSI joins to ANSI joins
69035 How to "lock" a row of data from being accessed
69034 Selecting previous weeks data in query
69033 sp and views Passing Parameters
69032 Date Format
69031 insert
69030 Loop through results in SP
69029 2 simple syntax questions
69028 Checkpoints and locks in SS 2005
69027 error at the time of attaching the DB
69026 Total-To-Date Calculated Member?
69025 Using EXEC within a SELECT statement
69024 How to read/write chunked to varbinary(max) in C#?
69023 Bulk insert, skip rows with duplicate key error?
69022 Identify Redundant Indexes (Indexes with poor value selectivity)
69021 Understanding connections
69020 Log File
69019 While loop VS Cursor
69018 SS2K5: no longer possible to open a table directly from a diagram?
69017 Changing sa Password in 2005
69016 comparing strings?
69015 Query Analyzer connect to Postgresql in SQL 2000?
69014 moving millions of records from one table to another
69013 Audit Trail - Trigger vs. SP
69012 Free web based bug tracking and timesheet
69011 ISNULL and WHERE
69010 Calling SP from select
69009 RETURN within a transaction

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