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Sql Server Programming

23119 Service packs
23118 SQL Server 2000 and SQL 2005 client
23117 Verify in a select if a file exists in a folder
23116 Execute a SPROC from a vbscript
23115 Months in a range
23114 Disable all contraints on all tables
23113 Virtual listbox problem (classic VB solution preferred)
23112 T_SQL on S!QL Server 2005
23111 SQL Query to determine time start/end within a time range
22749 DateTime Conversion action Weird
22748 How can I pass parameters to XML modify method?
22747 many to many join query
22746 a difficult Query, help please.
22745 date without time
22744 SQL Select syntax
22743 Does this index make sense?
22742 Index puzzle
22741 Stored Procedure in a View?
22740 Rowcount returning odd results from partitioned table (SQL 2005)
22739 Script default constraint with syscolumns
22738 Programming a Trace using sp_trace_create to Trace on a remote Ser
22737 Users on SQL Server 2000
22736 Select Statement that appends rather than side by side
22735 Question about updating table on one server from a job on another server
22734 Count Numbers of Rows Unmatched in a Join
22733 Combining field of multiple rows in to one row
22732 Stored Procedure Error
22731 Need help: Query to fetch permission of all objects in DB
22730 whats the best way to do this
22729 qualify function name
22728 Max Memory
22727 xp_cmdshell and system environmental variables available?
22726 Views not returning data through application
22725 backup chain question
22724 defaulting 'Transform' to 'Delete rows' in SQL Server 2000
22723 Querying a DB using a cursor
22722 Group by first
22721 SSIS - adding line numbers to imported data
22720 Max Server Memory Part 2
22719 And/Or Logic
22718 Reporting Speed View vs Table
22131 getting ACTUAL amount of space being used
22130 Job Activity Monitor tool
22129 What should I see in execution plan
22128 Need Some Guidance
22127 Installing SQL Express from command prompt
22126 query
22125 Convert date
22124 SQL2000: Difference Developer/Enterprise Edition
22123 CLR stored proc ececution, missing Libraries
22122 Trying to restore Merge Replication: HELP!
22121 Incremental update of a table from a view
22120 DEALLOCATE statement hanging
22119 SQL 2005 won't insert Linked Server data into temp table
22118 Query question
22117 Don't display results in Query Analyser
22116 Unique Combinations Query
22115 OpenXml BINARY BASE64 Problem
22114 Assigning Execute Permissions to All My Stored Procedures
22112 Help using CURSOR
22111 Counting total bytes used in SQL Server database
22110 Sycnhing with scripts on different servers?
22109 Use MMC to build admin interface?
22108 SQL Server Moblie 2005 Update Problem
22107 Error handling SQL 2000
22106 Dynamically specify server and database in Stored Procedure
22105 technique using variables inside select statement for concatenation
22104 Getting Varbinary in C#.
22103 SQL Analysis Manager dose not appear in my menu
22102 Date Time format for Latvian Settings
20390 Connecting to SQL Server thru ODBC System DSN vs ODBC File DSN
20389 detailsview help
20388 Weekly dimension for OLAP cube in Office Project 2007
20387 GETDATE returned wrong date
20386 MI5 Persecution: Troubling Censorship Issues 20/8/95 (3518)
20385 Query works, Cursor does not
20384 revert back to NOT FOR REPLICATION = 1 (true)
20383 Job Scheduling with flexible dates and time...
20382 @@error and sp_executesql
20381 Sophos Databases flagged as Suspect
20380 after the upgrade to sql server 2005
20379 generated insert, update and delete
20378 Using local variables/parameters
20377 Need Help on a SQL Statement
20376 I could also do with some help with a SQL statement :o)
20375 UDF Question
20374 Sql server deployment
20373 Three tier web server architecture in a two server environment
20372 Problem with stored procedure
20371 manipulating employees punchtimes
20370 FIFO type Queue in SQL Table?
20369 Column Description in Metadata
20368 Service Broker messages stuck in sys.transmission_queue
20367 platform independent sql
20366 Sytem SP for finding indexes in a database?
20365 2005 DTS
20364 parsing string >8000 char in MSSQL 2005?
20363 Serialization
20362 how to dictate a query to use other index
20361 identify duplicate rows
20360 SQL Compare Alternative?
20359 cool free offers
20358 Same code in script as udf but udf is slower
20357 World Ultimate Fighting
20356 udf converting to char() and back
20355 Users & Column Access
20354 Convert mySQL file to MSSQL2005
20353 Invalid length parameter passed to the SUBSTRING function. Again :o)
20352 Not For Replication
20351 placing an end of line char
20350 create a PDF file from stored procedure
20349 ADODB 2.7: Problem with recordset timeout
20348 Cascaded delete
20347 SP1 before SP2?
20346 select in like confused
20345 SQL and ms Indexing Service combined query
20344 Export data to CSV files
20343 MI5 Persecution: Stand up for Free Speech 14/8/95 (863)
20342 Dynamic T-SQL Variables
20341 Spawning Sql server jobs
20340 Perform cascaded update & delete
20339 sp_executesql syntax problem on SQL 2000
20338 SQL Statement Help - Subqueries and the IN clause
20337 service broker routing question
20336 Script killing active connections and blocking connections for mai
19857 Calc process time
19856 IDENTITY based on a second value
19855 SQL 2005 beginner WHERE?
19854 Finding gap in sequence
19853 sql server sp2.... do I need sp1 installed first?
19852 Insert a value instead of a NULL
19851 Back up Sql Server Express
19850 korean text messages
19849 Inserting BIT value instead of Character
19848 Sql Server 2005: recommended way to run stored proc on nightly basis
19847 Initial Load Error for SQL Server 2005
19846 Transfering data from sap to sql server
19845 delete table1 from openxml
19844 Trigger Causing Unresponsiveness
19843 maintaining/altering database
19842 RealSQLGuys's backup script
19841 SSIS - Conditional Import
19839 Ordinal Ranking with T-SQL
19838 Concatenate varchar into TEXT field
19837 Reading transaction logs
19836 How to lock records?
19835 DateAdd and DateDiff and Daylight Saving Time (DST)
19834 Small puzzle
19833 Update rows without changing the value of timestamp field
19832 Update records without changing the value of timestamp field, possible?
19831 openxml delete table join
19830 How to find minimum rows in this problem
19829 openxml
19828 Group Episodes of Consecutive Business Days.
19525 create trigger on syscomment table
19524 Can I Split result set?
19523 search dictionary
19522 Retrieving a section of rows
19521 Getting ID from top 1
19520 Help Query Not updating
19519 help to reduce database size
19517 TEXT attribute
19516 Table with set ansi nulls off
19515 Error on query of linked server
19514 Grouping results
19513 SET vs. SELECT
19512 Get a flat $25.00+MUCH MORE ADVANCE
19511 Field Level Access
19510 Constraints and Trigger
19509 Query Optimisation
19508 execute ssis via sql-statement
19507 insert null from an empty field
19506 unlimited Varbinary parameter Size in Sql 2005
19505 Difference between dates (30dd)
19504 How to transfer data to an active worksheet
19503 error using index tuning wizart
19502 SQL or ODBC for table updates
19501 Rows in record set and current record
19500 SQL View vs. Stored Procedure and Cursor
19499 View VS Derived Table
19498 Suggestion for Storing Column Data in SQL 2005
19497 Decimal vs Float Datatype
19496 Scheduling import into SQL Server
19495 xp_smtp_sendmail -- @message with more than 8000 character
19494 sp_who2 in SQL 2005
19493 Merge replication UNIQUEIDENTIFIER Column??
19127 sp_helptext to single column with intentiation
19126 query cost
19125 File details from sql server 2005 SP?
19124 Query Analyzer's Open Query File dialog
19123 About subqueries?
19122 If statement within Stored Procedure
19121 Queryplan differs with simple values
19120 Transact SQL
19119 SQL how to ?
19118 Getting Max value of a common column after a JOIN
19117 restore trans log to another database

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