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Sql Server Programming

19116 trying to use sql server authentication
19115 Simple question.
19114 XML
17547 Conversation groups
17545 Daylight Savings Time for SQL Server?
17544 stored procedure help
17543 Return Columns along with MAX Value
17542 Calculate time difference
17541 Sql server 2005 database mirroring restore question
17540 No Security Account Delegation
17539 Update Data And Select It
17538 How send changes from test database to production?
17537 Very Simple Question (";")
17536 Removing blanks in sequential number of a field
17535 Indexes taking up huge amounts of space on SQL Server 2000
17534 Output Parameter(s): = <NULL>
17533 output parameter issue...
17532 database diagram
17531 SQL Server 2005 registry
17530 SSIS FTP Task - Directory is not specified in the file connection
17529 Invalid Subquery does not cause error (Bug?)
17528 rename user
17527 How to check for existence of a record?
17526 delete duplicate record in table
17525 sql connection close (vb.net problem)
17524 SQL Server Problem at a hosted site - Remote Desktop Connection fr
17523 resequence int column order - noobie
17522 Hw 2 get Schema information using DTS
17521 Why can't I modify column default value?
17520 Incorrect result for sorting unicode data
17519 Scheduled DTS not working
17518 Convert MS Access Queries to SQL Server Stored procedures
17517 Filtered SUM
17516 using a VALUE + a STRING as an ALIAS?
17515 sql server 2000 OPENXML to insert
17514 Conversion failed when converting the varchar value 'F' to data type bit
17513 CLR Deployment
17512 openxml-xmlDocument
17511 Select from stored procedure
17510 T-SQL for large dataset
17509 problem with looping in code-behind / stored procedure
17508 Pivot Data into Derived Columns
17507 get latest for all (a sqlStmt)
17506 Cursor vs set
17505 Does Bulk Query not work against remote databases?
17503 Trigger Effects on App
17502 varchar vs. nvarchar?
17501 openxml limitation
17500 How to insert leading 0
17499 Can anyone tell me if the following coding makes sense?
17498 Cleaning up tables with no primary key
17497 Declaring row type variable for use with a cursor
17496 Constraint in SQL 2005
17495 sp_send_dbmail Authentication Unsuccessful w/ Exchange Server (SMT
17494 pass xmlstring to sql server 2000 stored procedure
17493 Query performance issues !
17492 Table DROP in lieu of TRUNCATE
17491 Table variable Error
17490 runing sql script through command line
17489 why should there be only one clustered index in a table?
17488 select last record for each customer
17487 Source for SQL Server syntax
17486 Dynamic SQL
16385 is it possible to translate this to a stored procedure?
16384 C2 SQL auditing question
16383 Confusion in Results tab of Query Window
16382 job offerings
16381 Universal Paging Procedure - is this bad?
16380 How to Document my Database?
16379 Why can't I SELECT from sys.dm_exec_connections?
16378 Adding new row to SQL Server 2005 database
16377 Transaction log growth in simple mode
16376 Concurrency notification question
16375 Expected end of statement error
16374 database alias name
16373 can't CREATE / deploy UNSAFE assembly
16372 Using ROLLUP, but ordering by summary row
16371 how to get value of SCOPE_Identity from stored procedure?
16370 Scalar Function!
16369 Europe Tests Established Chemicals on Millions of Animals
16368 difference between 'declare @var' and '@var' in stored procedure
16367 Merge Replication: Snapshot folder remains after parameterized filter subscription is deleted?
16366 Schedule export from sql database to access
16365 EXEC with dynamic SQL and variable
16364 Fast search using SELECT
16363 Ad Hoc access to OLE DB provider 'MSDASQL' has been denied error
16362 How to update these records better?
16361 Custom data types
16360 advice - store big file in a DB
16359 SQL 2005 system database backups
16358 Datetime extraction
16357 SQL query against multiple databases
16356 how to import a vlue from code-behind to a stored procedure?
16355 Arithmetic overflow error converting expression to data type datetime
16354 query on log shipping
16353 Update Trigger
16352 all combinations of an input string..
16351 SQL Stored procedure
16350 SQL stored procedure
16349 best datatype for a percent field
16348 Large data sets for pubs, or Northwind
16347 Trouble insterting int into tablevariable with a value of 49000
16346 windows services for Unix - bulk insert from nfs mount
16345 Accessing Unix NFS mount from SQL server
16344 Rounding Issue with Money Multiplied by Real (Percent)
16343 SQL Server 2000 Cursors
16342 How to access data table within data set to add new row
16341 Linked Server Query in SQL Server 2005
16340 Counting problems
16339 problem with Insert with IF
16338 Linking two database applications
16337 T-SQL nightmares (help needed in porting db schema from MySQL to SQL Server)
16336 auditing Stored procedure changes
16335 Execute Stored Procedure in a Resultset
16334 WINSQL subquery in FROM
16333 Newbie question
16332 tricky "group by" question
16331 how to transalte this code into a stored procedure?
16330 create db failed
16329 IDENT_CURRENT returns 0 while Seed is 1
16328 Change DB logical Name
16327 Can't kill a processus
16326 Variable in the FROM clause
16325 wierd float division
16324 Sp_helptext
16323 Creating SQL views
16094 "Search" SQL Statement (MSSQL 2005).
16093 Truncate a field after it finds character.
16092 SQL Database Engine
16091 autonumber column
16090 How can I do this? (No T-SQL allowed)
16089 Very Complicated Query
16088 saving sql scripts as ANSI instead of UniCode
16087 Update Statistics
16086 SqlDependency Compile Problem
16085 How to not include similar entries
16084 using store procedure
16083 CLR vs Windows Forms DLL
16082 how to prevent field type 'money' to round value?
16081 SQL Express SP2
16080 Trying to get process id
16079 Stored Procedure VS. Query Analyzer
16078 SSIS Parameters to queries... any way to do this?
16077 SQL 2005 Replication Agent Jobs
16076 Newbie performance question
16075 Cascade Issue
16074 quick way to delete millions of records
16073 Get Sequence number of Rows
16072 Cursor in SQL 2005 Triggers
16071 "use" statement
16070 Altering column width
16069 Deferred Name Resolution and Compilation
16068 bulk insert does not work over unc to unix file system not working.
16067 Query Help
16066 Query to split Firstname Lastname into 2 fields
16065 Storing variable values whilst using cursors
16064 Accessing SQL Server 2005 Express from Visual Basic 2005 Express
16063 ????..?? PSP $998,PS3, Wii.??7?
16062 job agent with ftp job running ssis ftp task .. passing parameters
16061 Does mirroring solve my problem?
16060 Dummy Names Database
16059 SP checking if running under a job? and if so, getting jobname and jobid?
16058 how to execute stored procs thro C application?
16057 open source and free chatting application --NEEDED
16056 SQLServer.exe doesn't free Mem usage
15231 Slow runing query
15230 Convert Varchar to Datetime Greater than 24h
15229 Newbie- Select ID with multiple entries,
15228 SQL Server Logon failure - after i restart the comp
15227 how to set the foreign key in a child table into NULL?
15226 Missing rows and ID's skipped
15225 SQL 2000 DST - [WP]
15224 Maintaining a "shadow" table
15223 How to analyze disk queues?
15222 Is there a difference in speed or locking between the folowwing delete operations?
15221 Modified date in SQL 2005?
15220 Cannot resolve collation conflict for equal to operation.
15219 Primary key is doubled
15218 Insert data from Excel to SQL Server
15217 How SQL server sorts non-alphanumeric characters
15216 IF statement
15215 Create Table MySQL / SQL
15214 Catch and dump result from nested SP's
15213 Temp Tables
15212 Must declare scalar variable...
15211 A complicated Query
15210 SP2 for SQL Server 2005 is out
15209 SQL coding
15208 DTC unable to begin
15207 Time Zone Conversion
15206 Table Joins
15205 sqlcmd in silent mode
15204 what is this replace doing?
15203 SQL Mobile Connection Problem
15202 Grouping by Date only
15201 Read flat text file into a single row column? Bulk insert?
15200 Begin Try/Catch Question/Problem
15199 problem with insert in two tables

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