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Sql Server Programming

5010 Is this possible using a query?
5009 Value in Percantage
5008 INSERT column defined as DATETIME
5007 DBCC SQLPERF(Waitstats)
5006 Count with Join
5005 Derived Table along with LEFT OUTER JOIN
5004 how to isolate a specific row from this dataset?
5003 Please help with the query
5002 DDL Trigger Question
5001 Update top (n) rows in Table ::::: N is not static during the run (quite different then typical top n updates)
5000 How to get a table offline in SQL Server 2000
4999 Two Conditions - Basic SQL Syntax Question
4998 Date help
4997 Easy string problem: invalid syntax????
4996 timestamp
4995 Update top (n) rows in Table ::::: N is not static during the run (quite different then typical top n updates
4994 openrowset and jet.oledb
4993 Implement VB6 DatePart equivalent as a T-SQL UDF
4992 Afer Join, I have more records
4991 Something Strange with select into
4990 Highlighting differences in two text columns?
4989 Actual difference between a Unique Key and an Index which is Uniqu
4988 Command line upgrade Express to Full SQL 2005
4987 Data Parsing
4986 dynamic where in stored procedure
4985 sending mail through stored procedure
4984 How to open sql file on same connection?
4983 how to backup logs when log shipping enabled?
4982 Rollback whole transaction save/keep error message/error severity information
4004 Append 2 files
4003 changing computed column in QA
4002 dividing up result set into 4 groups
4001 stored proceduer & .net
4000 Connection Timeout
3999 Find if record exists
3998 Complicated Query ( at least I think so )
3997 Reindexing or update stats
3996 DTS Active Script question
3995 Bulk Insert Task via SSIS with XML as source
3993 Combining selects on one grid
3992 using sp_OA* and SoapClient30
3991 Combining multiple row outputs into one column
3990 Newbie: after loading via SSIS, how do I kick off stored procedure
3989 Help with Table Variables conversion.
3988 Need further comments\tips\hints or feedback for my site
3987 Why is my T-SQL function considered non-deterministic?
3986 SP to run at night
3985 Can I search all views and stored procedures that contains the specific words?
3984 how to save password in encrypted form
3983 how to use sql server 2005 management tools to connect to sql server 2000
3982 Linked Server Problem with Particular MDB
3981 How can I return a column from several table columns?
3980 sql server see different words as equal
3979 Cursors ..please help me
3978 Select Into variable in Stored procedure without return it as result?
3977 how to use select query
3976 Return value from EXEC
3975 I can delete but not insert!
3974 mssql 2005 problem, to many requests, need to optimize
3973 How to record SQL calls when using Callable Statements?
3972 Getting data of a networked drive
3971 FullText syntax for ANDing?
3970 International Date Options
3969 isql comand truncates database name in the -d option
3968 give your servername, username,password , u can see that in c:\T1I
3967 dynamic Schema
3966 stored proc recompilation
3965 GOTO...LABEL: syntax problems
3964 Problem organizing data in table/results
3963 CLR Procedure Deployment
3962 Finding out if an object esists using SQL Server SMO
3961 Passing Multi List Parameter Values To Stored Proc
3960 View with lookups and sums
3959 Two Instances
3958 SQL Server Instance
3957 SQL Report Query
3956 Partition large table
3954 get file size
3953 Business logic in triggers
3952 Creating a Derived Column
3950 How to make it return with the correct bookmark ordinal?
3949 group by
3948 query challenge
3947 working with ascii decimal values
3946 What is your favorite data/schema migration tool
3945 Running Totals Based upon Date
3944 SQL 2005 SSIS read flatfile and bcp troubles
3943 SSIS warning The dependency 'EnvDTE' could not be found.
3942 indexes on the incremental
3941 getting two columns - avoiding two selects ?
3940 Massive Load
3939 Replace
3938 how to create pivot table with the value
3937 Query Help Urgent!
3936 How to monitor a particular table using profiler
3935 ssis: add cols with fixed data
3934 Caching Linked Server Queries
3933 How to convert data type IMAGE to varchar or how to get a checksum from IMAGE?
3932 James Gray, SQL emeritus, has disappeared
3931 Error while trying to connect to SQL 2005 from ASP.Net
3930 Launching oracle jobs from oledb
3929 SQL Reporting / Query question
3928 stupid q: are user scalar funcs always nondeterministic?
3927 What's wrong with this conditional where syntax?
3926 SQL Query Help Needed
3925 Altering record bassed on a field
3924 microsoft.public.sqlserver.pro gramming
3923 Failing To Understand Security Requirements of SQL Databases
3922 clr enabled option
3921 Newbie needs help - Query
3920 Force column UPPERCASE
3919 Recursive CTEs loops
3918 where can i get the temporary table structure
3917 Extract DayOfWeek 'Mon' 'Tue' from shortdate field
3916 Linked server view not working from Microsoft Access
3915 temporarily allow duplicate keys?
3914 Comparing Database objects
3913 How to use parameters in dataview
3912 Back up database to PC client
3911 AfterUpdate, Me.Dirty. Update fields after one combo item has been selected.
3909 Create Index on #Temp Tables
3908 Is a UDT the best way to force the format of a date?
3907 Dynamic Queries and Performance
3906 Multiple Rows INSERT
2983 block Bulk insert
2982 Scripting data to a file from a table to be inserted into the same table
2980 JDBC authentication having hostname\xxx format
2979 Newbie-how to copy table from SQL 2000 to 2005
2978 in vs exists
2977 Need help with SQL Join Query
2976 Moving database logins
2975 best practices on a query
2974 user defined function usage?
2973 How to convert CSV string to quoted values?
2972 How do you determine if a field exists?
2971 Question on the partition function
2970 SQL Proc runs on one server and not on another
2969 How doo we do this with SQL 2000
2968 Fast in Access / Slow in SQL 2005
2967 How to calculate space used by user?
2966 How to select the rows from 10-20?
2965 Calling a web service in SQL2K
2964 sql stored procedure
2963 sort by time only in datetime
2962 Insert Permission in Tables
2961 Profiler results - Update issue
2960 Replication error - 'cannot enumerate the changes on subscriber'
2959 best way to sync a table in 2 SQL Express 2005 DB's
2958 why??
2957 bulk copy in managed code
2956 any option in sqlserver \n'
2955 Count of Sequential Data
2954 OODB
2953 How to Export StoreProcedure ResultSet in to CSV format file using
2952 REQ: Best practices locking, truncating, processing data dump table
2951 rows change to one record
2950 Debugging in SQL Server
2949 insert into
2948 Question using max()
2947 cross database stored procedures.. execution plans?
2946 what is Audit logout
2945 simple question about schemas
2944 Pass list to inner stored procedure
2943 How do I pass in SQL Text data to a CLR vb.net stored procedure?
2942 Documents Database
2941 Import/Export whole SQL 2005 database
2940 problem with date as varchar
2939 schema in a clr stored proc
2938 optional parameters
2937 Create Table in SQL Server - differnt from the previous posting
2936 Database Location
2935 SQL Result to PDF and Email
2934 How alter a column in a table
2933 SqlXmlBulkLoad
2932 What is the syntactic significance of square brackets?
2931 Getting a count from multiple columns
2930 Copy from one table to another
2929 Need help: Convert Hex to Decimal to resolved IP Address...
2928 A problem with wildcards
2927 MAXRECURSION not allowed in Inline Table-valued Function
2926 Use 2 Select statements
2925 How to determine the backup date of a restored database.. ?
2924 SQL Query Every Third Value
2923 image size
2922 What is a "Standard Database"?
2921 Elimination of doubles
2920 Security Logging
2919 INSERT INTO with Where Clause
2918 How to represent the RESOURCES?
2917 SQL
2916 Query
2915 Work with String in different Collations
2914 Fully qualified XQuery columns
2913 XQuery Namepsaces
2912 problem with text data type and READTEXT

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