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Sql Server Programming

65618 convert nulls to 0
65617 datagridview - how to identify the Top Left Corner Select all cell
65616 Difference between submit date and now
65615 Fail an SSIS Job if No Records
65614 SQL Query
65613 Cursors and locking
65612 Service pack
65611 Deadlocking on parallel create indexes?
65610 GROUP BY
65609 Complex sql query question
65608 Help in query
65607 Complex query question
65606 Yet another question about connection to SQLExpress
65605 Repeated City Name
65604 Query Killing me
65603 Can't Truncate table
65601 First , Last in Group By
65600 Openrowset -> Login failed for user '(null)'. Reason: Not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection.
65599 Len/DataLenght for Text Datatype
65598 Unique Value if not null
65597 New blog about SQL Server Programming
65596 dubt: how to swap rows and cols
65595 lost data on INSERT
65594 Deploying a maintenance plan
65593 Check Constraint
65592 create indexes on views
65591 Help with outer join
65590 finding the longest string in a column
65589 job activity monitor replica
65588 time difference between rows in one column
65587 OPENXML vs. XMLREADER in C# vs. XML Bulk Load
65586 Any way to remove the backup date/time stamp?
65585 DataType alter
65584 Foreign keys and nulls
65582 Number of reads using Primary key
65581 How to convert from rows to columns format in the table
65580 Update Trigger
65579 Faster way to do this?
65578 How do you script to check Identity in all tables???
65577 sql / database question
65576 Refer to another server table in a view
65575 Yahoo Hacked! Credit Card information stolen OMG!
65574 creating stored procedures
65573 Prevent Combination Duplicates
65572 using variable for db name
65571 foreign key and peformance question
65570 Writing to Exchange Public Calendat
65569 how to DELETE from HEADER table when no entries exist in a linked DETAILS table
65568 Autogenerated Table Records
65566 Datetime Conversion Voodoo (Migrating from SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005)
65565 Subquery, NOT IN and NULL's with returns unexpected results.
65564 SELECTing only the first n records from a database
65563 assigining a user without a login to a role
65562 only works when volume of data is little !!
65561 new stored procedure
65560 SQL
65559 difficulty with SQL to get view
65558 Parse XML node Value Using Xquery ?
65557 Parse xml Node value in xquery ?
65556 Performance differences with record numbers in SQL Server 2005
65555 can't recreate a uniquely named temporary table in stored procs
65554 Simple parameterization still forced?
65553 Unable to upload 300MB file as image using sqljdbc1.0
65552 Updating a SQLServer table causes error 3146 odbc - call failed on datetime update
65551 How to implement "Firebird-events" into SQL Server 2005
65550 Database layout help. Users to add columns.
65549 ExecuteWithResultsAndMessages2 sql-dmo
65548 Nested View Optimization
65547 updatetext
65546 Trigger is randomly disabled....
65545 diff between OPENROWSET and OPENROWSOURCE
65544 With keyword
65543 Grouping problem
65542 Proper cursor definitions for table updates/inserts?
65541 BULK INSERT and row order
65540 select * from tbl1 Join tbl -- VS Inner Join
65539 Prior to bulk insert - in T-SQL, how to check for column headers?
65538 OUTER JOIN not returning all rows of outer table
65536 Error while executing stored procedure (please help)
65535 Big Select Union Query Compilation Time Problem
65534 Time comparison
65533 how to combine 2 databases from 2 servers
65532 email details
65531 extract all characters to the left of character
65530 Join tables
65528 Performance of HAVING vs WHERE
65527 Correct Way to Insert into Multiple Tables
65526 Updating Certain Records
65525 Collecting database status from linked servers
65524 Inefficient Query with Temp Table; Can't EXEC() in UDF
65523 Cross-tab query for last 3 sales
65522 Finding UnMatched Using Left Join
65521 Update statement error
65520 Help with constraint
65519 Shaping a column in query
65518 many to many join
65517 Update question
60987 Setting output_file_name for current - executing - job
60986 'Query String' in OpenQuery - using quote
60985 Export database
60984 SQL-DMO ExecuteWithResultsAndMessages2 NOT RETURNS VALUES
60983 Doubt in SSIS
60982 Pushing Data into SQL Server programatically
60981 Resetting the VersionBuild
60980 drop procedure
60979 Summing Parents and Children in One Query Without Duplicating Parent Values?
60978 CASE not working as expected
60977 Programatically checking indexes
60976 datetime query
60975 select * frm tbl1 join tbl2 where chars after first 3 dont match?
60974 using directory functions on sql server code
60973 Bulk Insert Related Tables
60972 adding column to table variable
60971 Encryption question
60970 Help! Single line view return from multiple records?
60969 Check executing job.
60968 After the Deletion of Google Answers,. U Got Questions Fills the Gap Answering and Asking the Tough Questions
60967 Advanced SELECT
60966 Sqlserver Scheduled Jobs Problem **** Need Help !!! ****
60965 checking for DBNull value...
60964 2005 Express Edition: debugging T-SQL (newbie)
60963 Importing Data/DTS quesion
60962 How to script out exec SP listing all parameters in one line
60961 different behaviour
60960 Making a column's values unique
60959 Log Ship Truncation
60958 how do I create a from in ADP
60957 How to use a User Defined Funtion in an SQL Statement?
60956 Alternative to indexed view?
60955 Help! Single line view return - Part 2
60954 ????..?? PSP $998,PS3, Wii.??7?
60953 different sort orders in different SQL Servers
60952 Resumes CV's / Top Interview Questions / References / Informational Site
60951 SQL standalone vb application
60950 About Stored Procedure Schema Binding
60949 Memory pressure error when using CLR stored procedures.
60948 Memory pressure issues when running CLR stored procedures.
60947 Copy database diagrams from one database to other in SQL 2005
60946 Adding assembly with references in SQL Server 2005
60945 Download FireFox with the New Google Toolbar
60944 Pivot Query
60943 Problem with "NOT EXISTS" query
60942 Problem with custom reservation system, date querying
60941 MSDE 2000, SqlConnection and Async=True
60940 Application Name in connection string and logins...
60939 Property IsPrimaryFile is not available for DataFile
60938 Schema bound views?
60937 JPEGs into image column
60936 Incorrect syntax near Create Sproc
60935 single column to multiple
60934 Access to SQL Server Conversion
60933 Finding the last updated record
60932 Setting a constant value to a destination field in DTS transformat
60931 unexpected results with a query
60930 Need to create Array in Stored Procedure
60929 Table Design
60928 OSQL preload
60926 Question about the integrity of a view
60925 Create database
60924 Generate XML Schema
60923 @@FETCH_STATUS not being reset
60922 initalizing column in Trigger?
60921 Use FQDN in ODBC string?
60920 Calling a stored procedure from another stored procedure
60919 sql statement question
60918 Need help with results being returned
60917 Trouble with format files
60915 Extended Stored Procedure
60914 Alter Identity
60913 Why does the select statement trigger SQL Transaction Event?
60912 Update multiple Fields in a SQL database
60911 concat query result rows to a string
60910 SQL Express and SQL Developer allow remote connections?
60909 simple insert sql statement does'nt work!
60908 Simple update question
60907 SQL Query , Help
60906 How do I write this sql statement to delete records?
60905 Async stored procedure problem
60904 2005: UPDATE "from" inserted/deleted in INSTEAD OF UPDATE trigger
60903 Script to populate for a large DB
60902 Add blank line between different query results
60901 ActualRebinds & ActualRewinds
60900 Invalid column name in subquery
60899 cursors
60898 Or's
60897 Before insert trigger
60896 Increase The Size of Your RAM
60895 Halle Berry in anal action!
60894 DB design considerations
60893 Contains
60892 Error at creating SP
60891 User table naming woes - your thougts?
60890 casting to varbinary clarification
60889 Shortcut on enterprise manager to execute Query Analyzer?

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