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Sql Server Programming

58715 Problem with procedure
58714 No more lock classes (with repro)
58713 Problem getting list of Imported Keys using Database Metadata.
54659 DELETE trigger does not work on this particular table
54658 getdate()
54657 MIN/MAX usage
54656 Help with a Stored Procedure
54655 To expr or not to expr?
54654 SQL Select Statement - posting again
54653 Using READPAST locking hint in an UPDATE statement
54652 How can I avoid using a UDF that takes 10 args (from column values) ?
54651 launching new TV channel(MANA TELUGU CHANNEL)
54650 Using Difference() in a Column of data type Text
54649 Stored Procedure Performance Question
54648 Bulkload XML View Issue
54647 IDENTITY_INSERT Increment Issue
54646 scripting more than 1 table at a time in 2005?
54645 approaches for history of atomic changes
54644 function and update statement
54643 Execute Procedure
54642 sp calling another sp
54641 SEO - Search Engine Optimization - Seo Consulting
54640 Cascade delete error
54639 Creating Data Sources (ODBC) via code
54638 Free Legal Advice
54637 Run the script if database does not exists
54636 Function Sequence error?
54635 Dynamic Search
54634 Need help with SQL count, most popular
54633 Running Time
54632 ODBC DSN for SQL Server via script
54631 concating columns
54630 Performance difference in sproc vs table-valued function?
54629 Sum(Avg(blabla)) doesn't work
54628 Linked Servers ON SQL Server 2005, Access 2007
54627 Help with a SQL Replace statement,
54626 SQL Design Question - Exclusive Subcategories?
54625 Attach/Detach
54624 Sql Code Micorsoft Query
54623 Global Variables in DTS
54622 Where is Management Studio?
54621 percent of total?
54620 Returning success in sp
54619 joining on same table multiple times on different values
54618 Create Temp Table with Variable Name?
54617 possible to select rows where all chars in a col are uppercase cri
54616 Get Remote SQL Server Datetime
54615 insert question
54068 Resume in an SP with Error Handling
54067 help passing param's to stored procedure for .adp form
54066 SqlCacheDependency based on what notification event??
54065 run time error 8000054005
54064 Running Total for sales by week
54063 Query with a look-up function
54062 compare varchar in Stored Procedure
54061 sql update
54060 Query Help
54058 How to get only the Date from a datetime?
54057 Strange Error Message when attempting to create a job
54056 Rowcount after FilterExpression - Where is this value stored?
54055 Table is not refreshing
54054 SQL Select Statement
54053 SqlCacheDependency and user rights
54052 BUG ? can't "select INTO"
54051 sql query help
54050 Urgent Counting the number of records in a text file
54049 Various levels categories
54048 Cursor through tables for record counts
54047 Stored Procedure issues
54046 how do I create a .mdl file?
54045 leading zeros on integer
54044 Split a Char field into 2 at the space
54043 search in the entire database.
54042 Trigger to insert rows into another table
54041 commas
54040 SQL Server 2005 performance issue
54039 Displaying File Names in SQL
54038 Help with a query
54037 Adding table as SP parameter and not using dynamic sql
54036 Order of columns in a clustered index
54035 reserved keyword function
54034 Strange thing in MSSQL 2000 which doesn't occur in MSSQL 2005
54033 Return 1 of 2 Select Statements
54032 Database hanging for no apparent reason.
53725 SQL Server Data compare across data types
53724 find a duplicated name and sum de result
53723 Integrated Security
53722 sp_helpdb slow response time
53721 What's the logical difference between these queries?
53720 Create complete datetime
53719 Alter Table from SQL Management Studio
53718 performance related transaction replication and trigger
53717 Q: Data model change -> recompile all SP?
53716 Suggestion: Tables used for reporting
53715 Clr UDT double serialization
53714 Modifying SQL Server 2000 Maintenance Plan through Scripting
53713 if statement
53712 EXEC SP inside a SELECT?
53711 function (like sp_helpText) to view table script?
53710 Restore database sql2000
53709 SQL Server - Remote Query problem
53708 Any drawbacks to creating linked servers?
53707 substring and replace
53706 Restore with File Group
53705 Attaching database
53704 Caching Image Data Type?
53703 User defined reports based on business objects?
53702 Searching for columns in views
53701 Backup Question
53700 Getting the maximum value of a datatype
53699 Log Ship
53698 Where is my F7
53697 how to select every "n"th row from an ordered dataset?
53696 Need help in a query
53695 Creating an Audit Database
53694 Make Trigger update a specific row and not all of them?
53693 Trigger: Fill another Database and use their Stored Procedures (not able to catch the error)
53692 UPDATES with joins
53691 SPs in multiple similar DBs
53689 Is SQLCMD redistributable?
53688 Updating a table In Stored Procedure is not happening
53687 Halle Berry in anal action!
53686 Johnny Depp lesbian strip!
53685 IP Address, Port No in SQLOLEDB ConnectionString
53684 query with NEWID
53683 Server DDL Trigger problem
53682 T-SQL Debugger Error
53681 Recovering deleted data
53680 Comparing date with null values
53679 make > 1 display 1 ????
53678 Number of times a function is being used?
53677 "cycles or multiple cascade paths" problem
53676 Optimize SQL 2005 Compact Edition
53675 Need a simple solution for this if possible
53674 TRY..CATCH BLOCK...what am i not getting here.
53673 Connect to server - list of servers
53672 Append date to a filename in DTS
53670 rounding of decimals
53669 Nested xml query
53668 help with Coalesce function
53667 if condition in sql
53666 NULL vs EMPTY
53665 ISNUMERIC Data Scrubbing Problem
53664 How best store value/pair combinations?
53663 Why relational division is so uncommon?
53662 Converting all char, varchar, and text to nchar, nvarchar, and nte
53661 Aggregation Question
53660 Aggragation Question Part 2
53659 difficult select statement
53658 SQL2005: Stored Procedure parameters of Table type?
53657 Connecting to multiple Database Instances using CLR Integration
53656 Graphically creating Transact SQL Statements
53655 Modifying date value (varchar)
53654 List of relationships within a db (sp?)
53653 Randomizer within a Stored Proc
53652 monitor space
53651 add .Net Framework 2.0 to sql server
53650 Cumulative Total By Week
53649 Return XML from database table
53648 Parse delimited column
53647 best way to change tinyint to int in entire database?
53646 convert julian date to regular date
53289 user logon action (SqlS2k)
53288 Any suggestions on how to do this
53287 SQL needed
53286 split one column into multiple columns based on a delimiter
53285 Query to change table schema into new table
53284 SSIS data export/import
53283 Scheduling the Creation of a Text File
53282 set nocount on to suppress rows affected but keep prints
53281 Transactional Publication with Updatable Subscriptions
53280 Problem with use of {d } syntax and SET LANGUAGE <> from english
53279 Set Id_Ins Across Linked Server
53278 good database design
53277 SMS 2003 SQL Hardcore Query
53276 Table rows to result columns query problem
53275 Way to create a simple password on a database or server?
53274 Tracing Locking
53273 Help with SELECT statement please.
53272 Strange problem, two servers, two different results??
53271 stored procedure slow
53270 Relation table
53269 select top 1000 * from ... - how to get rows chronologically on da
53268 Try Catch link server connection failure
53267 Advice - Production DB upgrade to 2005 or leave in 2000?
53266 Giving everyone basic access to a single database
53265 CASE Statement: Space Truncation: Only Happening in Windows Vista
53264 check the modified date and time of file, if exists
53263 graemesmith1@youbanking.com
53262 Procedure to Automate Schedule Updating
53261 Dynamic Update Trigger
53260 column
53259 Populating a Schedule Table
53258 Create XML from table records
53257 SQL CRL and Remoting
53256 Index Name vs Index_ID for Defraging
53255 Stored Procedure - Clean Up Recommendations

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