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Sql Server Programming

44018 Memory Issue Caused by Program
44017 Setting Primary Key on Temp Tables
44016 64 bit and AMD
44015 Anyway to only count business days (mon-fri) between two dates?
44013 Load the Data in to flat file from SQL Server Table.
44012 how to get the Decimal
44011 Create Database at a User Level
44010 Partition View being used effectively?
44009 How do I insert rows to a table of Database from a XML file stored in somewhere in hard disk
44008 Is there any posibility to get the xml file's datas to insert into a table
44007 Login failed for user
44006 use index in sql server 2005 with Oledb
44005 How to prevent accidently deleting or updating whole table
44004 CLR UDA median ?
44003 need help switching a boolean value
44002 Download Merlin Data Compass 2
44001 Don't see the View alias
44000 Req: Update Trigger to cascade values from one table to another.
43999 Query takes too long to run
43998 job history shows a failure even though the job succeeds
43997 ODBC connections to a mainframe
43996 SQL: how to convert time from GMT to EST
43995 stored procedure in sql 2000
43994 Problema con encoding en script de SqlServer
43993 2005 Developers Edition
43992 Replacing Carriage Return With Space
43991 error code -0911
43990 xp_cmdshell
43989 Large number of exec sp_reset_connection calls to SQL Server 2005
43988 trigger question
43987 Same Query - Different query plans
43986 Create table from file
43985 Combining a multi-to-one in one table
43984 How to find out what job is running...
43983 Processing Logic / Query Help
43982 Feedback request for new BOL search functionality on MSDN
43981 Change to [JOBID] from 2000 to 2005
43980 SQL Insert Into Statement
43979 RESTORE Help
43978 SQL 2005 vs. Express
43977 Help for an SQL Server 2000 Beginner - DTS Question
43976 Capture NT User ID
43975 Which are my risks if I use NOLOCK hint inside a transaction?
43974 Strange NULL value behaviour / RequiredFieldValidator
43973 create table primary key clustered asc
43972 create table primary key clustered Asc
43971 Retrieving top row of multiple values
43970 how to call a function in stored procedure
43969 HELP!!! ANYONE!!!
43968 Recommendations for a decent/user friendly reporting package please
43967 database design question
43966 User vs Role Permissions
43965 Strange query behavior
43964 ORDER BY CASE problem
43963 SqlDependency and only one event raised
43962 How to ensure that ActiveX Script Task runs before Transform Data Task.
43961 load random number
43960 Output Parameter
43959 DateTime over 2 hours ago or NULL between 6am and 7pm?
43958 UDF in Trigger not working properly
43957 Referential Integrity
43956 SQL schema change scripting tool
43955 query with udf slow performance
43954 SELECT with or without parameter
43953 how to move tempDB - detach is grayed out in EM ?
43952 where are other dates?
43951 SQL Connection Slow in DMZ
43950 Relationship
43949 some kind of unique identifier for a transaction?
43948 Horizontal, but only distinct columns?
43947 WHERE IN @Variable?
43946 CLR Trigger
43945 Query dbf file via linked server with '(' and ')' characters in dbf file name
43944 Question
43943 sql server and java doubts
43942 Need help to create this....
43941 Dynamic parameter value for sp_executesql
43940 Service Broker conversation example wanted
43939 Dynamic sort issue
43938 Select Query in SQL Server 2000
43937 Databases on Server
43090 Boolean field
43089 formating data for excel
43088 Find an ID and select it in another table
43087 Query Help!
43086 generate a unique ID
43085 number function
43084 Scope_identity()
43083 Oracle Linked Server problems, OpenQuery accepts no variables and fully qualified Linked Server syntax has datatype discrepencies
43082 Removing unwanted characters in a field
43081 Multiple Return Parameters
43080 SQL help with Subtraction
43079 using table variable
43078 Output of sp_helprotect
43077 Help optimizing a query-- its not using the indexes
43076 Service Broker connection
43075 Finding values that don't exist in another table
43074 Indexing strategy for a very large table?
43073 String parsing
43072 opendatasource excel
43071 howto: I need trigger with parameter
43070 exporting mssql BD
43069 User query hanging a critical application
43068 Referencing Multiple Tables MSSQL 2000
43067 Internal Serer Error
43066 Display rows even when sum is 0.
43065 calc start-of-week and end-of-week
43064 how do i meaure time
43063 Select query in sql 2000
43062 what's wrong with this too
43061 Need a query...
43060 Not Exists Date
43059 get the first of the month
43058 I can't Copy a database from Sql Server 2000 to 2005
43057 maximum fragmentation to allow for table
43056 Difference in UPDATE between 2000 and 2005
43055 Extendend procedure "srv_sendrow" very slow performance in SQL 2000
43054 Prevent row change on system table
43053 Createb table from a query
43052 table related query
43051 2 table update
43050 status and indid from sysindexes table
43049 Commit & Rollback Question
43048 Rounding Up
41817 Loadbalancing and Failover for SQL Server and IIS!
41816 JPGs added to Image column are truncated at 1024 bytes (but only when import executed as a Job)
41815 table returning udf
41814 Eliminating Commerce Server 2000
41813 sql server 2005
41812 dts to excel with dynamic file name
41811 Parameterising DB Names
41810 check jobs
41809 Stop when SUM Count =
41808 Stored procedure
41807 stored procedure
41806 Bulk insert error -- "Unknown version of format file"
41805 Need SQL 2000 equivalent of a SQL 2005 based query
41804 Temp tables inside a stored procedure
41803 Emulate Oracle's "Sequence" on SQL Server 2000/2005
41802 Run Stored Procedure as a Scheduled Job
41801 Restore database help
41800 How can I find the best optimalization for the query performance?
41799 Date range check
41798 Saving a COPY of SSIS Package to SQL Server
41797 Decimal Precision limited to 4 digits to right of decimal?
41796 Frustrated! Trying to compare student answers (Tbl1) to answer key (Tbl2)
41795 Help with dynamically declaring cursor column names
41794 Import data from linked server
41792 Internal SQL Server error on SQL Statement
41791 Converting string to unicode string in T-SQL
41790 FIFO Cost Calculation
41789 Why does not LIKE operator work on ntext values in my query batch !!! Please, check me
41788 Ordering by a Date in Stored Procedure
41787 what wrong with this
41786 replace value
41785 Help with a view
41784 getting data after this.FormView1.DataBind...
41735 trigger deleted
41734 String Concat - An easy one!
41733 Ram size Problem
39540 SQL Server polling and MSMQ
39539 SSIS null value handling
39538 I need to hide datas on [database].MDF file on other MSSQL server. HELP!!!
39537 Copying from one DB to another
39536 Page Life Expectancy
39535 DaysInMonth
39534 xml into mssql2000
39533 Last Date time
39532 Accounting Tree
39531 Problem with executing procedure on 2005(SP1) with connection to 2000 (SP4)!!!
39530 SQL 2000 and SQL 2005
39529 Importing into SQL Server 2005 from CSV
39528 Dynamic query execution.
39527 subqueries - general link/tutorial for syntax etc..
39526 Wholesale latest brand name shoes, T-Shirt, Hats, Handbags,Jeans
39525 Debug SQL Script
39524 Fill Factor?!?
39523 Remove non alphabet characters from a column
39522 Debugging SQL code
39521 Deadlock on sql server
39520 extract just time from datetime field
39519 xp_smtp_sendmail query out in body of email
39518 two column PK and IN
39517 Restore in use database
39516 Getting rows in TempTable After QueryBatch
39515 get totals from query
39514 What Owning Object called the trigger?
39513 GROUP BY performance issue
39512 full text index issue
39511 is null plus is not null doesn't equal count
39510 Way for end user connection with db_owner rights to reapply rights to database after restore
39509 Error converting data type nvarchar to float
39508 change db name at runtime?
39507 Capturing recordset
39506 Non-Equi Joins
39505 Cursor
39504 how to find permissions on objects using T-SQL
39503 Deadlock

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