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Sql Server Programming

36115 Checking if Table column constraint exists
36114 Connectionpool
36113 phyical order
36112 Select statement problem
36111 How to optimize SMO and looping thru SPs
36110 Single trigger on multiple tables
36109 High memory usage of sqlservr.exe
36108 Low Importance: Get Year from Date
36107 incrementing & back
36106 SMO Equivalent to SQLDMO.SQLServer
36105 DELETE. Need help. Thank you.
36104 Trigger
36103 Insert into a table using a select and values?
36102 Converting to Stored Proc
36101 Performance of Views
36100 need help with 'group by' clause, please
36099 data encryption in SQL Server 2005
36098 Error converting data type nvarchar to datetime
36097 How to decrease database connectivity time
36096 Ho to prevent users from viewing and/or modifying system tables in a database?
36095 simple math problem
36094 PLEASE HELP " Error converting data type nvarchar to int "
36093 SELECT * FROM tbl1 except col1
36092 Union if does not exsist?
36091 Avoiding Trigger
36090 Can u restart sql server using a SqlQuery ??
36089 code printing last record only
36088 reading table recursively and preventing modifications
36087 Syntax Error on DROP USER
36086 Memory usage of sql server
35788 SQL Trigger Syntax for a type of ELSE Statement
35787 Best way to coalesce this set?
35786 returns matches otherwise defaults.
35785 Last executed SQL statement on a db
35784 Localization.Brain Storming.
35783 Stored Procedure Results to a Text File
35782 Stored Procedure results to a text file
35781 datetime help
35780 query
35779 What a strange result
35778 Dynamically generating code for stored procs
35777 Deleted row information cannot be accessed through the row
35776 Avg issue
35775 SQL Server 2005 Bulk Insert Hang
35774 how to prevent a self recursing trigger
35773 insert (transact-sql) into table with single identity column
35772 Meta Data Services
35771 Help with updating with sorted data
35770 Is Oracle Fusion works on SQL Server 2005
35769 HOW LINKED DbASE FOLDER TO SQL 2005 64 BIT? PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!! Wiecej opcji
35768 Generate SQL Script
35767 script lost: converting a table to a delimited list...
35766 view with distinct x subquery
35765 SQL Select
35764 I need someone elses eyes on this
35763 Sql Server 2000 GOTO statement
35762 MDX: Show Columns (Months) Based on todays Date
35761 Stored procedure
35760 Input string was not in a correct format- URGENT HELP NEEDED
35759 Creating a string - Cursor or Case
35758 Problem with SMO - Restore PercentCompleteNotification
35757 Looking For Engineering Job?
34842 Cross Dtabase referencing from a resultset
34841 Multiple Databases
34840 Query Performance help!
34839 View Error Log from T-Sql
34838 Can this be done?
34837 Performance Drop with Oracle Linked Server
34836 Constraint / Index Metadata Link
34835 rename MDF and LDF files?
34834 Question about STDEV(), STDEVP() and standard deviations:
34833 Remove text from a number column
34832 Passing a list/array to stored proc
34831 SQL Server 2005 compact edition with VB
34830 Looping through table based on time w/ DateAdd
34829 Aggregate functions in CHECK Constraints.
34828 restart sql server and now able to save
34827 SQL Server 2005 Activity Monitor
34826 database design questions
34825 track iteration number of call to sproc
34824 Position Complex Elements w/ For XML Explicit
34823 Using data cache in sql 2005
34822 Help: Convert these Access queries to Microsoft SQL 2000 queries:
34821 Advice needed: Transaction Log .. how far to bring it
34820 Advice needed: Bigint (identities) - Am i overdoing it?
34819 update same SP in all database (in one sql server)
34818 @@identity ,Scope_identity() fails
34817 error in SQL 2000
34816 trimming strings
34815 Synonyms for Stored Procedures
34814 Common issue - query response time
34813 SQL dynamique table name and column name as variable - Problem
34812 Automatically track object (stored procedure) usage?
34811 Databases List
34810 User id in database call
34809 Update date/time in all the tables in DB
34808 Is there ways to run DTS from a store procedure?
34807 SQL Conundrum
34806 data type issue
34805 Putting out of order item first in ORDER BY
34804 how to read system tables in sql2005?
34803 Too much business logic in stored proc?
34802 How to Update multiple cells based on value in 1 cell....
34801 reality check
33933 clone a table and its data
33932 Family Tree--recursive joins?
33931 OSQL broken
33930 Calling a sp on a linked server
33929 Import data from one sql server to another
33928 ok i admit it, I made a mistake on naming conventions
33927 Grouping Rows Based Time interval between 2 rows
33926 how to cluster a non-cluster primary key
33925 Using parameters in IDENTITY
33924 Help with Join
33923 Long lasting schema stability (Sch-S) locks
33922 SQL-DMO question
33921 Load Data into Server
33920 SQL Query To To set up Mixed Mode security
33919 SQL Server 2005 Managemenet Studio: Query Editor "Glitch"
33918 In VST DB Pro, stick with dbo schema?
33917 Utf16
33916 help with this query - get the orphan lines
33915 How to get the Logical Scan Fragmentation from dbcc showconfig
33914 localization information
33913 help with a simple query??
33912 Need information about online sistem
33911 who can connect to integration services in SSMS 2k5?
33910 a couple of Integration Services questions..
33909 Space between the folder names when deleting files
33908 Create table from results of stored procedure?
33907 Help with Query - Calculate Process Times
33906 Help with Query - Calculate Values
33905 Writing to SQL Server Logs from a C# SMO Program??
33904 Any ways to make stored procedure with schema checking likeview's WITH SCHEMABINDING option?
33903 Need select with conditional averaging
33902 Sp compilation error
33901 SQL Joins - 2005
33900 How to test connect after created endpoint on sql server 2005?
33899 Is need to make some IIS settings before install SQL server when endpoint feature is used?
33898 sql SMTP mail
33897 How to debug stored procedure with SQL Server 2005
33896 SSIS Howto : Bulk copy data from ODBC source -> SQL 2005
33895 Non nullable table columns using DB create scripts using SQLCmd More options
33894 Create Date/Time field from 2 other fields
33893 .net 2.0 scheduled task
33892 Float behavior
33891 (MyOtherDB.dbo.sp_name) don't work when I run on my local SQL-Server
33890 Space between the folder names when executing xp_cmdshell
33889 Where put data population scripts in Team Database project?
33888 How generate full script without having to do a schema compare?
33887 Convert Transact SQL to PL-SQL
33886 2005 Table function with index?
33885 sql group by question
33883 Problems with Coalesce - nullif
33882 male vs female
33881 Exclude update of a field if parm is null
32910 how to list a specific row in a dataset as the first row?
32909 How do I know if I have SP2 for SQL Server 2005 installed?
32908 Error messages confusion
32907 Stored proc running *really* slow inside transaction
32906 nocheck constraint
32905 UDF Runs Separately, but "Error converting data type" on INSERT
32904 anal syntax question about EXISTS .. whats your preference?
32903 Importing excel file into SQL Server using SSIS package ...
32902 bit versus char(1)
32901 SSIS - SQL Server configuration
32900 Necessary to Commit a transaction
32899 Return Cursor from 1 SP to another...
32898 query assistance - combine two into one
32897 dynamic FROM and WHERE
32896 improving performance
32895 Advice needed: Views, are they good or bad?
32893 SQL Injection
32892 Finding Missing Number between an interval of two numbers
32890 Hi All,
32889 How do I speed up joins
32888 Triggers, Auditing, the usual stuff
32887 How to get connetcion protocol
32886 linked server error trapping
32885 Dates?
32884 Disabling all client protocol doesn't affect connection?
32883 How to use Job scheduling in sqlserver 2005
32882 try and catch and XACT_STATE
32881 UDF returning rounded decimals - why?
32880 Sequence of Numbers between two Parameters
32879 Good SQL Server 2005 tutorial
32878 add the undo button?
32877 Invalid Class String
32876 query generated from multiple criteria selections
32875 How best manage database changes when working with multiple developers?
32874 Internal SQL Error
32873 Reading a file inside a Stored Procedure.
32872 Needs to create a batch file
32871 How do I connect to a default instance of SQL Server 2005?
32870 Best way to structure RSS feed table
32869 Connecting SQL Server 2005
32868 Cross Server referencing -- server name is a variable

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