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Sql Server Programming

To get ADO event whenever a ROW is inserted

I do not have expertise in ADO, so before writing any code, I thought
of clarifying few facts. I want ADO to fire an event not just when a
ROW gets inserted by another application but when the inserted row
contains a specific value. If I take the table, given below as
example, I should get an event
when the following query succeeds
SELECT * FROM log_info_table WHERE LogMessage LIKE '%pppp123qqq%',

Example: log_info_table
LogType(int)             LogMessage(nvchar)
   1                           Success ItemID: 'pppp123qqq'
   1                           Success ItemID: 'gggg678hhh'

As a first step, I wanted to get notified when ever someone inserts a
ROW using SQL manager; and this is irrespective of the inserted value.
I based my code on MS sample, and ran in to some problems; and hope
you can help me here.

Intension of my code was to receive notifications when ever a row gets
added to the table using 'SQL Manager'. To do this, I registered for
'RecordSet' events and also called RecordSet::Open() with table_name,
like RecordSet::Open( 'table_name', pConn, adOpenKeyset,
adLockReadOnly, adCmdTable).
When this line executed, I got WillMove, MoveComplete, ExecuteComplete
events and I kept the application running; and I inserted few rows in
to 'table_name' using SQL Manager and I did not get any Recordset
events. I was expecting at least any one of the RecordSet event to get

For testing sake, to RecordSet::Open(), I passed a SQL query like this
RecordSet::Open('Select * from agent_action', pConn, adOpenKeyset,
adLockReadOnly, -1), and I got notifications.
This shows my event registration is working.
How to make my app get notification when a row gets inserted using SQL

Here is my code.

 ADODB::_ConnectionPtr spConn(__uuidof(ADODB::Connection));
 ADODB::_RecordsetPtr spRS(__uuidof(ADODB::Recordset));

 spConn->Open(L"DSN=AccessTest", L"sa", L"sa", -1L);


 //spRS->Open(L"Select * from agent_action", spConn.GetInterfacePtr(),
ADODB::adLockReadOnly, ADODB::adLockOptimistic, -1);
 spRS->Open(L"agent_action", spConn.GetInterfacePtr(),
ADODB::adOpenKeyset, ADODB::adLockReadOnly, ADODB::adCmdTable);



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