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Sql Server Programming

Update through dts import/export

Hi ..

i want to update the destination table DT from source table ST in the
same DB .
after setting both the connections .. i selected the "user a
query ....for data transfer " then i wrote my update statement
mentioned below ..

UPDATE pb SET pb.C1 = tt.C1 FROM test tt
        INNER JOIN tblpayer pb ON pb.PayerID = tt.PayerD

i checked for parse query , after that i set the detination table to
DT and clicked on transform , dont know what to set here in transform
so did nothing . cliked on next and finish ..
i throws an error "Invalid Pointer "

note : here source table have 10 fields and destination table have 2
fields with a primary key ..
and  i dont want to update through query i need a dts wizard for
can anyone help me out ?

thnx in advance

If they are in the same DB you should only need one connection and then you
need an execute SQL task linked to it. Then put your code in the execute SQL
task. It's not a data transformation so you don't want any transformation

Nigel Ainscoe

<kvi@gmail.com> wrote in message


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