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Sql Server Programming

unable to use 'copy database'

I'm trying to move my 20 SQL 2000 Databases over to SQL 2005 via the Copy
Database wizard. Currently I'm testing this out on my local computer. When I
enter my source database server I connect, but when I enter in my
servername\instance for my destination I get an error 'Unable to connect to
server servername\instance' though I have it opened in Server management
studio. I've tried connecting using my username and password, sa username
and password and windows auth and no luck. Any Suggestions?

If I use 'attach to database' will that bring all of the sql 2000 databases
to the sql 2005 database environment? None of the database have anything
complex. Just databases with tables, and stored procedures. I ran the
Upgrade advisor on each database prior to do this and fix whatever issues
that were found in that.

Hi Mike

The simple solution would be to detach the db from 2000 and attach it to

Knowledge is power, share it....

"Mike" <M@community.nospam> wrote in message


OK, I'm going to give that a shot. Since I have so many to do and such
little time.

"vt" <vinu.t.1@gmail.com> wrote in message


one more question though. Since i'm doing this on my local computer right
now for testing, how can I move sql 2000 database to sql 2005 on our SQL
Server test servers?

currently locally I'm taken the db offline, then attaching to it through sql
2005 server management studio. Now on an actual server that is being used,
how will I migrate the database's to sql 2005?

"vt" <vinu.t.1@gmail.com> wrote in message



See my blog on moving database from one server to other
I strongly recon you should run the sql server 2005 upgrade advisor tool,
this will help you prepare for upgrades
download it from


Knowledge is power, share it....

"Mike" <M@community.nospam> wrote in message


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