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Reduce Lengthy URLs

Enter Original URL:   
Enter Filename :     .aspx
 e.g. AcerLaptop
New URL Type : 




Who can use this tool 

1) people who want to sell affiliate products but do not own a web page. Simply give your affiliate product URL as Original URL and get yourself a shorter URL which you can use for publishing. you can use one URL for each product or if you want to have a complete products page email at megasol@megasolutions.net


Amazon gives you Html :

Your original URL becomes :

You choose Filename :

Transform URL gives you a brand new url 

which you can use for your adwords compaigns

2) Those advertising through adwords and getting problems for 35 chars limit or their URL containing  spaces or other chars not allowed by google. you can use generate a clean URL acceptable to google and embed your original lengthy URL into it using this tool