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Ajax Programming

Ajax Advantages and disadvantages


XMLHttpRequest - Can make requests to pages not set up for AJAX Can
set/get all HTTP headers Can make HTTP requests using any type (GET,
POST, PROPFIND, and so on)Supports full control over POST requests,
allowing for any type of data encoding

IFrame  - Can make POST and GET HTTP requests Supportes all modern
browsers Supports asynchronous file uploads

Cookies - Supports the largest number of browsers Few implementation
differences between browsers


XMLHttpRequest - Requests ActiveX to be enabled in IE 5 and 6 Is only
available in newer versions of Opera and Safari Has small
implementation differences between browsers

IFrame - Prohibits synchronous requests Server pages must be designed
to work with IFrame requests Has implementation differences between
browsers Can leave extra entries in browser history (depends on browser
and implementation) All request data is URL-encoded, increasing request

Cookies - Prohibits no synchronous requests Doesn't work with large
requests/results Requires server pages to be designed to work with
cookie requests Requires polling on the client Can make only GET HTTP

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