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How to split one XML into smaller XML, received via XMLHttpRequest?


After sending a request to a server via XMLHttpRequest and receiving a
response, I assign the incoming XML from the Server via
var root = request.responseXML.documentElement;
to the variable 'root' which I process further with root.nodeType,
root.nodeValue, etc...

In my example I have the following XML File:

        <day date="20061001">
                <activity>I did this</activity>
                <activity>I did that</activity)
        <day date="20061002">
                <activity>I was doing this</activity>
                <activity>And this</activity>
                <activity>And that</activity>
        <day date="20061003">
                <activity>and so on</activity>

Now here is my question: How can I assign the big XML (root:
activities) into e.g. three smaller XML's (with the new root: day) to
an array in JavaScript?



Would something like this work for you?

var root = request.responseXML.documentElement;

var days = root.getElementsByTagName("day");


On 1/3/07, NorbertH <norbert.kell@myegrannie.com> wrote:

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